Jeremy and Meca

Proposal Ideas Our apartment

How We Met

Bride’s Version- Jeremy and I met at Frosh Camp before freshman year at the University of Memphis. He was the only guy that didn’t try to get to know me. Like didn’t say hi or ask my name or anything! So, I had to go talk to him. You know, make sure he saw me. The first night we talked until the sun came up… He’s been mesmerized ever since!

Groom Version- I saw her before she got off the bus at camp. She was so pretty! I watched her walk from the distance. I didn’t go up and talk to her because it was too early in the game. She ended up sitting next to me, and being the outspoken person that she is, she started asking me all types of questions– I loved her accent. Fast forward 6 years and I still love listening to her!

how they asked

We had just landed from his family reunion in Austin, Texas (during which I had broken 3 nails!). A few days before the Dallas trip, we went to Louisiana to spend the 4th with my family. So in my mind, if I was going to get engaged that summer it would have happened already. The morning after we landed, he woke up with a strange fixation on my nails and me needing to fix them. So, I went to the nail salon to make him hush up….when I got back home, as soon as I walked in the door. There he was, ring in his hand! My heart was so happy! A little over a month later, I married my favorite person! Real chill. Real us. Really perfect.

Jeremy and Meca's Engagement in Our apartment

Special Thanks

Jessica Coulson
 | Photographer