Kristen and Jeremy

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How We Met

Jeremy and I met through a mutual friend, Jen. We went to watch football together with a few friends the first time we hung out. We were actually friends for a while before we began dating.

how they asked

After winning Palmetto’s Finest (a prominent award for being the best high school in South Carolina) where I am a teacher, I didn’t think I could be more on cloud 9…boy, was I wrong. Something even more exciting (for me) happened! In front of the entire student body, faculty, superintendent, community members, and some local news stations/papers, my principal calls me to the center of the gym to “accept an award” which I thought was a trick to pie me in the face because he had just gotten pied. It was actually because my boyfriend was there, and he, my good friend Kelly at school, and my principal Mr. Pennell had put together a surprise-the biggest one of my life! As I finally turned around, Jeremy was there looking handsome and holding a bouquet of roses. He talked to me for a minute and asked me if I was ok since, let’s face it, I was super surprised and pretty much freaking out. He dropped to one knee to ask me to marry him, and the entire gym erupted in cheering. He is on the shy side, so proposing in front of 1700+ people must have been tearing his nerves up. It was such a perfect day though.

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