Jeremy and Hannah

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How We Met

Hannah and I met while at a small private college in East Tennessee. We had been friends for years before I realized that I had a huge crush on her… and to my surprise, she felt the same! We didn’t dive right into a relationship. I was going away to travel and study abroad in Europe for a few months. During that time, since texting was pretty much out of the question (thanks AT&T), we exchanged handwritten letters back and forth throughout my entire stay. I’d write to her about different castles and cities that I was in and she’d do her research and give me pointers on things to do in Edinburgh or London. That’s when I really started to fall hard for this girl! As soon as I came back to the US, we picked up right where we left off and the rest is history!

how they asked

The 4th of July has always been a big holiday for my family when growing up. We put on a huge block party celebration every year and invite everyone we know to enjoy food, games, and an evening of fireworks. The tradition didn’t die even after my brother and I moved out of the house. We still make the trip back to Middle Tennessee every year to my parents’ house for the holiday, and we bring new friends back each time. So when Hannah and I were starting to coordinate who of our friends were bringing what dish to the party and when her whole family was driving in from out of state, there were no obvious signs that anything out of the ordinary would happen that weekend. Little did she know, I had been anticipating this weekend for months. I flew up to her parents’ house in Indiana the week before the party in order to ask for her father’s blessing face to face. Then coordinated her entire family to come down to Tennessee a day early so they could witness the engagement. When the day finally came, it was suggested that everyone go to the local vineyard to kick off the weekend. I told her that I got caught up at work and would be late since I was 2 hours away. In reality, I was already at the vineyard with a camera crew waiting for her to arrive. As the families and friends arrived, the camera crew and I went into hiding. Just as they got to the outdoor tables, her best friend since childhood arrived after a 7 hour drive. Hannah didn’t know she would be coming. So, she took Hannah’s hand and led her to a picnic table that overlooked the entire vineyard. After they exchanged a hug, I came walking from the side of the vineyard followed by a drone camera. I walked right to her, gave my heartfelt speech, and got down on one knee in front of all of our dearest loved ones. She said yes, I kissed her, and then we toasted champagne as the sun set.

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