Jeremy and Crystal

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How We Met

I was working in the office at a campground one summer, it sucked… I was taking other peoples appointments for fun weekends and I was stuck. There was a cute guy and he would come up to the office a lot to buy a drink or toss the garbage. I, of course, was blind and didn’t realize the real reason he was up there all the time.

As time went on I found out my bestfriends fiance is actually really good friends with tg his kind stranger. They all came camping one weekend and he finally invited me to a party. I, of course, was tired from working a 12-hour shift but I figured I deserved a drink and my friend was there so it wouldn’t be totally awkward. We hit it off that night and the rest was history!

how they asked

It was my birthday the year before the proposal and he gave me some gifts, one being a couples photo shoot with a friend of ours. For whatever reason, it kept getting postponed until it was almost forgotten completely. Fast forward to my next birthday Jeremy again said we still need to do that photoshoot. As I prefer being behind the camera I reluctantly agreed. The next month was an odd one. He kept stressing over the weather, and I told him not to worry we could always reschedule… but nope he wouldn’t have it.

The morning came, I had bought an adorable new dress and the weather was perfect. We started taking pictures. He gave me a little letter telling me how much he loves me but I didn’t think twice about it, he’s a writer so this is normal. Next, we took pictures on a swing and again he handed me a letter, this one saying he will always be behind me pushing me to follow my dreams.

Next to a bridge where he would always be with me, crossing all bridges, facing all problems together. A path simply saying that all will be walked together, the sweetest words written. Lastly a huge tree with a cut in it. He had me climb up on it and we took some great pictures. He handed me the letter, it spoke of starting our own family tree. At the end of the letter, he asked me to marry him. I turned and there he was down on one knee. I practically jumped off the tree and into his arms. Of course, I said YES!

We took some more pictures and jumped in the car. As we started driving it began to rain… The beautiful sun only stayed out long enough for us to get engaged in the sweetest way possible. I couldn’t be more blessed. I am writing this story the day before our wedding and it is making me even more excited to start my life with this man!