Cortney and Jeremy


How We Met

Jeremy and I both work in NASCAR and were introduced by mutual friends at the track. We were both coming out of relationships and struck up a friendship. Eventually, I began receiving flowers at work. I refused to go out with him and encouraged him to take his time after the break-up. The turning point happened when my mother was in town one weekend and Jeremy made us reservations at my favorite restaurant. When my mom and I arrived, there was the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on our table with an adorable note and our dinner was paid for. I caved and agreed to go on a date with him. But our first night together, we just sat on the couch, talked for hours, and totally forgot to eat! I knew that early that this was the man I was going to marry.


how they asked

Jeremy is a race car driver in NASCAR’s XFINITY Series. Having such an exciting day job, he really has to raise the bar to get his kicks. He had mentioned in the past how he has always wanted to skydive. Trying to seem cool, I agreed, assuming I could back out in the future if he actually took me up of the offer. Well, in the days leading up to our anniversary, Jeremy booked a pair of tandem skydives. I couldn’t eat the week of I was so terrified. I combed online forum after online forum that covered the sport’s injuries and deaths. I can tell you every stat!

Our anniversary arrived and I got in Jeremy’s car and headed to Skydive Carolina, having made no clear decision about the jump. I signed my rights away with a trembling hand, suited up, and boarded the miniature cargo airplane. Jeremy remained cool as a cucumber as I mentally made my peace with God. As we reached 14,000 feet, Jeremy and his instructor made their way to the door and out of the plane. I froze, but as I was strapped to my own instructor like a Baby Bjorn, he scooted me down the bench and out of the plane after them.


The dive was exhilarating and unlike any of my preconceived notions. The parachute (thankfully) deployed and we made our way to the ground. Jeremy ran over to me as soon as I became detached from my tandem partner, got onto bended knee, and asked me to marry him.


I couldn’t believe it! He had zipped the ring into his jumpsuit and skydived with it. I can’t wait to spend my life with this adventurous, fun-loving man :)


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