Jeremie and Kathryn

Jeremie's Proposal in Queens, NY at a bar called Sol

How We Met

Jeremie and I met at a bar during summer 2010. We both had just graduated from undergrad and it was actually the night of my graduation party!

how they asked

Jeremie closed down the bar to have a private paint night for me, my best friend Michelle and her husband, Vince. They told me we were there for Michelle’s 30th birthday. We took turns rotating around to paint each of the 4 canvases. At the end, Jeremie was across from me so I couldn’t see his canvas or that he wrote “will you marry me?” The instructor placed the canvases on display when we were done, revealing one at a time, and Jeremie made a beautiful speech and proposed to me. I cried the whole time like a baby and didn’t even realize that some of the most important people to me were all there behind me as another surprise! Jeremie also bought a Go Pro camera and cleverly recorded the whole night so we have the night on camera forever. My heart was full before, and now I am overflowing with unconditional love and am so happy to spend the rest of my life with Jeremie.

Where to Propose in Queens, NY at a bar called Sol

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