Jeremiah and Sierra

how they asked

My amazingly sweet, kind, loving and handsome boyfriend asked me to marry him … and this is what happened. Not only did he ask me to become his wife, but he somehow managed to incorporate 5 armed military police, a bomb sniffing K-9, a “random” vehicle inspection, and acted out a fake arrest where he was handcuffed by the military police. We started off the night at an Albuquerque Isotopes game. With no plans to leave early, JR suddenly received a call from a co-worker stating he needed to go into work on base to meet security after a alarm went off in their building. We ended up leaving the game early and headed towards Kirkland AFB where he works. Upon passing through the security gate he turned down a road where he said the building that he needed to go to was located. After driving for about 5 minutes or so down this road he “pretends” to be lost. In the distance ahead I see two armed security forces officers at the stop light. I then said to JR, “Lets ask them for directions.” He quickly said “no” and wanted to pass them. Before we are able to pass the two officers flagged us down to stop.

We rolled down the windows as the two officers approached the car and proceeded to flash a light through the car window and requesting I.D. After verifying JR’s Department of Defense I.D they then informed us that we were about to undergo a random vehicle inspection. The two officers then told us to proceed past the light and to turn into the drive way. Before we could turn in the driveway we noticed two more officers standing by who then instructed us to park in between two security vehicles. Once parked, they approached the car and asked us both to remove ourselves from the vehicle and to open all doors. . From there we were separated from one another. One of the officers took me on the alongside one of the security vehicle and the other officer kept JR near is car during the inspection. Before beginning the vehicle search they asked us both if there was anything illegal inside of the car. The answer was obviously “no”.

Next they call out another officer who was standing by to release the K-9 Drug sniffing dog to JR’s car from the back of the security vehicle where it was being held. The dog then exited the security vehicle and started sniffing the exterior of the car. Finally the K-9 stops at the trunk to notify the officers something was in it. While all of this was happening the officer they asked me to stand with was casually making small talk. He asked how my night was going, how I ended upon base on a Friday night, and where I was from. All of a sudden the officer who is running the inspection on our car “see’s something” and the chaos began. They then said there was a “suspicious package” in the back of the car and asked JR again of there was anything illegal within the vehicle. The officer then says he needs to get his “Testing Kit” and inspect the contents of this strange package that was located in the trunk of his car.

All I next is JR is being handcuffed and getting pulled into the dark corner where I can’t see him. As I hear all of this I am getting super anxious and I begin asking the officer who is with me “what’s going on?” All he say’s is “don’t worry about it, its just procedure.” As the minutes go by I am asking “whats happening”, “why is he cuffed” and now after the fact I should have paid close attention to the smirk on the officers face to know what was coming next. The officer is telling me not to worry and he will figure out what was going on soon. All of a sudden the officer conducting the test kit instructed them that the test came back positive for drugs and ordered me to sit down on the ground. Next, all I hear on the radio is: “We need a female officer over here at ______,_____,______ to transport a female we now have in custody for illegal ______.

At this point. I’m starting to freaking out. I started telling the officer with me that he does not do drugs and maybe it was planted on him by a corrupt friend/and or officer who planted it on him. At this point they tell me that “I have the right to remain silent” and in my head I’m like: OHHHH MYYYY GOODNESSS NOT TODAY Next, after a couple minutes of waiting all of the officers there (total of 5 or 6) and except for the one watching me went to JR and said since he was showing a sense of compliance that they would uncuff him. They wanted him to proceed to question me about this package. Basically own up to iyt At this moment I have 3 officers and JR walking towards me with this packaged which by the way was BAKED KALE (serves as a great substitute for marijuana) to ask me if it was mine. “UHHMMM OKAYYY NO. NOT MINE. NOT MY DRUGS. Right then as JR approaches with these officers behind him he drops to one knee and asked me to marry him! My first response was “I knew it”, and “You suck” but then after he asked again, and I said YESSSSS! He literally mastered our proposal. Gave a whole ordeal of confusion & shock he still then managed to surprise me again. Just one question, HOW? Next just a few blocks away on base he drove to a open field where in the middle was table full of lights, flowers, and candles. Where we danced around and looked at the stars, until the clean-up crew came to break it all down lol. All of this was posted here to say… I love you Jeremiah Robertson, and I can not wait to be your wife! P.S If you have time to watch the video, you’ll probably get a few good laughs @ the end.