Annie and Jeremiah

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How We Met

Jeremiah and I met through a mutual friend in Dec 2014 while out to breakfast in CA. I was moving to New York just a few weeks after we met which completely sucked! We tried to make the most of it and spent as much time as possible together until I moved. Finally the day came and it was brutal. We both were crying and couldn’t understand why God would have us meet just to pull us apart. I moved to as planned and we talked on the phone every single night and constantly would text each other how much we missed each other. A couple weeks after I moved Jeremiah decided to book a flight and come out to New York to spend the weekend with me.

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We had the best weekend ever and went all over the city eating, drinking, laughing and starting to fall in love. It was time for him to go and I remember both of us standing on my porch squeezing each other not wanting to be separated again. Once Jeremiah was safely home he called and we discussed what we were going to do and if we should just call the whole thing off before it really even starts. We knew the long distance would be challenging not only because of the distance but because we were still getting to know each other. We both agreed that we didn’t want to call it quits because we both had very strong feelings for each other. Over the next several months we traveled back and forth, me to CA and he to NY, and saw each other about every 6 weeks.

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It was working but it was definitely hard. Finally, in December on one of his visits to CA he happened to meet the owner of a boutique boxing studio in the city. They got to talking and a few weeks later Jeremiah was offered a position with the studio in New York. We both took it as a huge sign and how it was meant to be so he accepted the job and moved to New York – one year EXACTLY to the day I moved. We’ve now been living in New York together a little over a year and truly fall more in love as each day passes. We have a dreamboat relationship and never argue or fight (we argued once on 3/17/16 and it lasted for about 2 hours). I don’t know how I was so blessed to find such an incredible man and someone who just gets me and understands me completely. We are literally perfect for each other.

how they asked

On December 3 2016, Jeremiah told me we were going to SNL and that one of his clients got us tickets. He said we would go on our normal walk through Central Park and grab drinks at Tavern before we pick up the tickets. As we were walking under the bridge by the big fountain Jeremiah started telling me how happy he is that he moved to New York, and how he feels like his Grandma who passed before we met put me in his life for a reason. He started tearing up and went I went to give him a hug he dropped to his knee and proposed. I didn’t think he was serious and instinctively said “this is a joke.”

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He told me is wasn’t and asked me to give him my hand and he put the ring on my finger. I obviously said yes and right as I did I heard a ton of screaming and cheering. I assumed it was tourists who had been watching but he turned me around and pointed to the bridge we had just walked under and up top. Standing above were all of our family and close friends from CA who flew in for the surprise and had been watching the entire time.

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I was in completely shocked and started crying as everyone ran down the stairs to congratulate us. Afterwards, we went to Tavern on the Green where our families had planned an engagement dinner for us full on with printed menus, bottles of champagne, the works. It was a dream come true and still feels like something out of a movie.

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