Jensen and Rob

Proposal Ideas Crane Neck Tree Farms, West Newbury, MA

How We Met

We met 7 years before our proposal by an act of nothing but fate. We were at the right place, at the right time over a mutual friends house. The rest is truly history. From the moment we met, there were sparks and from there we instantly connected and started our relationship. We owe it to whatever drove us to the evening with friends. What was meant to be a night of hanging out started our forever.

How They Asked

Just about 7 years ago we casually met one night and the rest is history! After years of wondering when the big moment would happen, and how it would happen – it finally did! Going to the tree farm each year is how we start the Christmas season and just like any other year, we went on our way to the tree farm to cut down our 2018 tree. With our best friends, nephews, and dogs along for the ride, we walked around the farm looking for the perfect one. With every Christmas Card photo taken, we finally set out to cut down the tree – me holding the tree and Rob lowering to cut it down.

Jensen and Rob's Engagement in Crane Neck Tree Farms, West Newbury, MA

Little did I know, our entourage of friends were ready and waiting with cameras as Rob pulled out a special box with the most beautiful ring inside. He officially asked me to change my name and become a Frost. So with an obviously! for an answer, he slid on the ring which belonged to his grandmother who passed just a few years prior! It was without a doubt one of the most special moments of my life. So with that, is the story of #LoveAtFROSTsight and I’ll #FinallyBeAFrost!

Special Thanks

Mike and Michelle Malionek
 | Photographer
Liz Cashman and Andrew Roach
 | Photographer