Jensen and Logan

How We Met

I met Logan five years ago at the University of Pittsburgh. We were both there for freshman orientation. I was the first girl that he talked to. Logan developed a big crush on me. I friend-zoned him badly. I still feel bad about this. Flash forward to our senior year of college. We had a class together and ended up working on the same group project, where we rekindled our friendship. Logan and I started dating post-graduation, and now we’re getting married!

How They Asked

Saturday, September 26th, 2020. I said yes to the most incredible man who God placed in my life. My forever person. Here’s how the special day went down.

I woke up early in my Pittsburgh apartment. A little after 6 AM. Too early for a Saturday. I was very anxious – thinking deep down that today might be “the day”. I knew it was coming. Logan had been a little “off” the past few weeks. He asked about my Pittsburgh plans more than usual, checked out my nails Monday night after I had gotten them done, stayed up super late each night because he was “working on his budget”, etc. Needless to say, knowing the big day was near, I had a gut feeling that this Saturday might be extra special. I went to bed on Friday thinking this might be the last time I fell asleep with a bare ring finger.

Image 2 of Jensen and Logan

My day began with tea and coffee at my friend Abbey’s Grace’s home (well actually I went to Giant Eagle first because I was 100% out of toilet paper at my apartment – and I presumed I would be there all weekend – so I thought hehe). Abbey Grace and I had a lovely visit like we always do. I left to head over to my best friend Kirsten’s place. I told AG that the next time she’d see me I would hopefully have a ring on my hand. Abbey Grace was a champ. She knew everything. I do not know how she kept that secret.

I drove to Kirsten’s apartment and we got ready to head out to the boat. I should mention that the reason I came to Pittsburgh this weekend was to go boating with Kirsten and her friends. And boy did God give us the perfect September boating weather – 75 and sunny! Kirsten’s one roommate Olivia was running late and said she needed more time to get ready, so she would just meet us at the marina. When she walked in the door, she said “Is Jensen here?” in a tone that looking back was definitely a tad suspicious. We had a huge group chat regarding this boating day, which threw me off even more. NOW I know that basically every person in my life knew about this day but for me. I underestimated my loved ones’ ability to lie! Luckily for Logan, I also don’t pick up on surprises easily. Kirsten and I left her apartment. She had both her camera and backpack, but oblivious me thought nothing of this. My initial thought was that Logan would be in Pittsburgh that night and that the boating day was to distract me. Boy was I wrong. Kirsten and I hopped in my car to head to “the marina”. She insisted on navigating. Oddly enough her GPS took us into the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. She kept saying “I’m not sure why it’s taking us this way”. Liar. She had me pull over in Schenley Plaza and said “we’re going to go for a little walk” with the biggest grin on her face. This was the exact moment I knew that today was THE day. She started filming me as we walked over to the large fountain in Schenley. My heart was pounding out of my chest. Minor mishap: Kirsten took us to the wrong fountain. After contacting her accomplices, she soon realized it was actually the fountain attached to the Cathedral of Learning. Awaiting me there was a note and a single white rose. I was instantly flooded with emotions. I opened the note and read it. Handwritten by Logan, of course, a beautiful note filled with memories of our initial meeting at the University Pittsburgh. And I quote, “Since you played ME in the beginning, let’s have some fun”. It ended with a clue for my second stop, which would lead me to PNC Park.

PNC Park. Logan and I went on a “date” here freshman year in 2015. He thought the Pirate game was a “date”, I thought we were just going as friends. I really was oblivious to not think that this was a date. Logan has almost fully forgiven me for this. At the foot of the Roberto Clemente statue sat another white rose, a photo of us from that Pirate game, and a written note, where Logan made sure to remind me of how I crushed his dream by friend-zoning him back in our college years. “You made me wait 4 years, so let’s drag out this little adventure.” I know I’ve only quoted his funny remarks thus far, but love, intimacy, and passion were the main subjects in each note. Logan is clearly a romantic (you had to have picked up on that by now).

The third location led me to the old Amplify Church on Smallman Street in the Strip District. This was where I met Jesus. Logan and I would not be together running after Our Savior if it wasn’t for this place. This was my favorite rose and note. It was so beautiful to read how Jesus has transformed both of our lives. Pure joy filled me that could only come from the Lord. We also saw my friends Claire and Dom on our way to this rose – who I actually had dinner with the night before and who knew all about the grand adventure I’d be going on today. Like I said, EVERYONE KNEW.

Our last stop was Point State Park. We got there early, so Kirsten suggested that we take a coffee/bathroom break in Market Square. Dunkin’ pumpkin iced coffees enhanced the day. Caffeine in hand, we headed to a very special spot. Waiting there was a vase with a white rose and a note. A couple was standing there guarding it and was very excited when they found out that the flower was for me! It was the cutest thing. This location was where Logan and I first prayed over the direction of our relationship together. And I quote Logan, “Look what God does when we TRUST in His perfect plan! Speaking of plans… my plan for this fine Saturday is far from over.” The next stop was his hometown. I had a 4-hour drive ahead of me. I did NOT see this one coming. Good job Logan. Kirsten and I packed my bags at lightning speed then we were off to Manheim.

Funny side note: I learned after that this couple guarding the vase was Logan’s friend Alex’s dad and stepmom. Since we were running ahead of schedule, Alex had to sprint over a mile to get the rose there in time. Would have loved to see this. Thank you, Alex. Logan owes you.

Logan couldn’t just make this a typical drive. Intentionality has always been a core value in our relationship, and this was a perfect example of it. Kirsten said we had something special to listen to. Logan had typed out a list of the top 10 songs in our relationship with a description under each of them. Wow. I do not deserve this man. He is unreal – like who does this!!! Some were love songs, some were fun songs, but the last on the list was the song that will be playing during our first dance. This act of love was so beautiful and I will treasure this playlist forever. The rest of the drive consisted of jamming to throwbacks and me asking Kirsten questions about the day and her having to say “I can’t answer that yet.” I didn’t speed too much. I wonder if a cop would have given me a warning if I said I was driving to my proposal. The drive from Pittsburgh to Manheim usually feels long, but this one, by far the longest.

We arrived at Logan’s house around 5 PM. I walked inside on a path of red rose petals leading to two lit candles, a large bouquet of 12 red roses, a gorgeous white jumpsuit, and one last note. “I hope this makes you feel as beautiful as I know you are.” Logan: you can pick out my clothes anytime – this outfit was gorgeous! Next stop – Logan’s uncle’s pond a few miles down the road. The spot where we spent our six month anniversary and actually considered having the wedding. I got ready as fast as I could. THE MOMENT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. I said to Kirsten “We’re getting engaged!” Her and I are a dynamic best friend duo, basically sisters. So if Logan is marrying me – he is also saying yes to a lifetime of Kirsten.

The 10-minute drive to the pond felt like 10 years. I prayed out loud over the moment and our relationship as I drove to the spot of the engagement. As I pulled up, I could see strung lights and Logan standing on the dock. I was freaking out. He was pacing. He looked so handsome even from far away. I parked the car and walked toward him on the dock. A white runner covered in 100 tealight candles and rose petals. Lots of twinkly lights. And in the middle of it all stood my future husband, looking incredible in his favorite suit jacket. “I’m checking you out”, was the first thing I heard – a quote from one of our favorite movies, Eurovision (it’s on Netflix and we highly recommend it). He got down on one knee. I wish I could remember every word Logan said. It was perfect. Out of a movie. So genuine. It sounded like he had practiced it a million times. Logan is just the best! He pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. I said yes and hugged my fiancé! Cheering ensued from behind us. I turned around to see his parents, my parents, my best friends Madison and Lizzie, Logan’s brother Bryce and sister Elena who came in from Pittsburgh and Colorado, and Logan’s best friend Josh and his wife Kena. So many hugs. So much love. Lots of photos taken to capture the moment. It was perfect.

The evening ended at Logan’s house for a small party. My mom got us the most beautiful cake. We were showered in love. It was a pure joy having all of our loved ones in one place, celebrating our future marriage. Logan played me the video of him asking my dad’s permission for my hand in marriage. God is so good. His plans are perfect. Saturday was the most magical day. I cannot wait for a lifetime with you Logan!

Image 4 of Jensen and Logan

Special Thanks

Kirsten Beck
 | Photographer