Jensen and Jack

Image 1 of Jensen and Jack

How We Met

Jack and I met back in high school. We’re lucky to be able to call ourselves “high school sweethearts”. He was a junior on the football team and I was a sophomore on the cheerleading team (very cliché, amirite). We both had a mutual friend, and I vividly remember her talking up this guy after a football game. She said, “Jensen he would be perfect for you. You guys are like the same person”. I wasn’t looking to have a boyfriend at the time so I was a little bit hesitant, but I let her give him my number anyway.

He then started to text me and I just remember being so nervous, but then we started talking about how we had the same Spanish teacher and how sweaty his armpits were, hahaha! I knew after that conversation, whatever relationship we were to have, I could effortlessly be myself. We finally met in person just a couple of days later. I waited by my locker and he came to meet me, then we both walked to our after school practices together. This then became an everyday occurrence.

After a couple of months of talking, he took me on a date to a Notre Dame football game. We were too young to go alone so his dad tagged along. Before the game, we walked around the campus. We started to go down this path where not many people were. The path ran alongside a lake, and towards the end of the path, we found a bench that looked across the lake. We sat there for a while just looking across the frozen lake (it was late November at the time). He then looked at me and poured his heart out a little bit and then asked me to be his girlfriend. And that’s where it all started!

How They Asked

After about 5 1/2 years of dating, Jack now knows how much I don’t like surprises and how I try to figure out every detail before it happens. So he knew he had to use all the tricks in his sleeves for this one.

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I was just finishing up my junior year in college and he was finishing up his senior year of college. A few weeks before spring break, he had called me and told me that he was given the opportunity to speak at a psychology convention for undergrads. He had gotten opportunities like this before so of course, I believed him. He said that it was on the weekend I’d be back for spring break, so he’d like it if I could go with him. We rarely see each other during the school year because we go to different schools so of course, I said yes, to spend more time with him. Then he said it was at Notre Dame and that’s when I got a little suspicious. We hadn’t really gone up there since he originally asked me out, so I had a feeling that this visit was going to be special.

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As spring break came closer, I started to ask more questions like “How’s the presentation coming along?” “Why haven’t you been talking about it?” “How long is the presentation?” “Is it still happening with coronavirus?”. I know I’m annoying, but as I said, I don’t like surprises. He had an answer for every question I threw at him.

The day came when we were supposed to drive up to Notre Dame. I got up, got dressed, did my hair, and put on some makeup. I went to my journal and wrote, “I predict that today I will be engaged”, signed it, and wrote down the date and time. He picked me up from my house and we drove an hour and a half to Notre Dame. On the way, he had printed out his presentation and I helped him practice what he was going to say. We then got there and parked and he said, “okay we still have about an hour until check-in.” So we walked around campus. He took me back to the path that ran alongside the lake. We went back to the same bench and sat down. I remember seeing a goose in the lake that looked like it was drowning, so I started to talk about it. Jack was trying to be sentimental and here I am talking about a goose I thought was drowning. I guess I was nervous.

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We sat in silence for a while and then he said, “okay we should probably go.” This is when I thought, “okay I thought it was today but I guess not. That’s okay.” Then we stood up and we looked at each other. He said some really sweet things and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Also, turned out that there was no presentation. So he created a fake presentation, memorized it, and had a professor send him a detailed email about the presentation just in case I asked for that proof as well. So I did have a feeling it was going to happen but I guess I’ll give it to him because he put in so much effort <3