Jenrette and Bradley

I had mentioned that I wanted to have a weekend getaway, so my dad offered one of his rental houses to us in Highlands, NC. My family has had a home in Highlands for over 13 years, so it is a very special place to me. We invited our close friends and family to enjoy the weekend with us.

Years ago, Bradley was working for his father and they had a project in Highland to build a deck. The house was on Whiteside Mountain, and the deck has a gorgeous view. The deck is made from Ironwood, which is the strongest wood in the world.

Friday afternoon after everyone arrived to the cottage, Bradley gathered us all up to go see this deck that he had built. We are both wedding photographers, and he had brought his camera along with us for the weekend. When we arrived at the house, I walked out on the deck to take a look at the view. I was busy taking photos while Bradley was instructing our friend on how to use his camera. Bradley came over to me and said we should take a photo, so we did. He then suggested we take a “funny photo” which I teased him about (little did I know he was about to get down on one knee!). I turned around to see him down on one knee, which he then asked me to marry him. I cried and knelt down with him and said yes! I had dreamed of this day forever, and he exceeded all expectations I had!

The weekend before, he traveled to Highlands to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. It was important to both of us that he ask, and he knew how important it was to me to have the proposal captured! We will always cherish these photos!

Special Thanks

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