Jenny and Trevor

Jenny and Trevor's Engagement in Breckenridge, CO

How We Met

Trevor and I were set up through one of his friends. Our first time meeting one another was at a high school football game where we awkwardly said hey to each other. He never asked for my number, so I may have messaged him on Facebook. (We laugh about this now). We then went on a double date, and the rest was history! We’ve now been together for 7 years. I never would’ve thought I would meet the person I’d marry at my high school football game when I was 15, but there’s not a thing I would change. I can’t wait for forever with my best friend!

How They Asked

We went on a vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado. Almost every night we would take a walk up the mountain, and look down at the city and just enjoy each other’s time. On one of the last days of our vacation, we did just that. After taking our walk, Trevor decided to make a snow angel and asked for my hand to help him up.

Little did I know, after helping him up he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It still doesn’t feel real sometimes. I can’t believe the person I’ve been through so many journeys of life with is going to be my husband!

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