Jenny and Stefano

How We Met

Stefano and I met in our high school baking class, we did not start off on a good foot (I hated him), he was so much better than me in that class and I couldn’t stand him because of it. Over time we grew a genuine friendship which slowly turned into something amazing. We have been together since high school and went to prom together. He truly is my best friend and I’m glad that I grew out of my hate for him lol!

Image 1 of Jenny and Stefano

how they asked

We took a trip this past May to Italy, Greece and Turkey and he took this as the perfect opportunity to pop the question. When we stopped in Santorini, Greece, he had made reservations at this breathtaking restaurant overlooking all of Santorini. After lunch he pulled me over to a section of the patio within the mountain to ‘show me the view’, and that is where he dropped on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of his life with him.

Image 2 of Jenny and Stefano

As if the scenery wasn’t perfect enough!

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