Jenny and Scott

How We Met

4 years ago, we had a snow day in college. My roommate and I lived off-campus but wanted to spend the snow day on campus. Despite the closed shuttles that took us to campus, we decided to walk in the snow. With all the photo-taking in the snow, my phone had a 1% battery. My roommate came to the rescue and knew someone that lived on campus and I could borrow his charger. That night we all went out to get Chinese. A new friendship began that night and a year later we finally broke the friend zone. 3 years later, I finished another year of physical therapy school and he completed a busy season of accounting.

How They Asked

We were going to take a trip to Disney World (where he was going to propose), but COVID had other plans. He finally popped the question at my beautiful hometown, overlooking the Capitol and Washington monument.

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Special Thanks

James Allen
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