Jenny and Pat's Sailboat Proposal

Image 1 of Jenny and Pat's Sailboat ProposalHow we met: We grew up on the same town together, but went to different middle schools. We had mutual friends who were meeting up at the mall to hang out, and we both followed along. It was there, at the mall’s A & W that we first met when we were 14. We became fast friends and remained best friends for the next 4 years.

It wasn’t until our last year of high school that we realized what was right in front of us. Who knew that root beer floats at our local mall would be the start to the rest of our lives?

how they asked: It was a gorgeous summer night in Nantucket, my
Image 2 of Jenny and Pat's Sailboat Proposalfavorite place in the world. My boyfriend and I were on our traditional sunset sailboat cruise through the harbor, the same one we had taken the previous 7 years.

Like always, we had a bottle of wine, cheese & crackers, and a beautiful pink and orange sky surrounding us.

As we sailed closer to the Brant Point Lighthouse (a very special place to me since I was little), I noticed the boat was getting unusually close to shore. I heard some yelling and screaming coming from the beach next to the lighthouse.

As I looked closer, I noticed a group of people , holding up a huge banner that read “Jenny Wilson?”

I was shocked, and looked over to my boyfriend for clarification. He stood up, pulled a small black ring box out of his sock, and got down on a knee.

Once the shock wore off, I said “Yes” (of course!). I kissed my new fiance, waved to my family friends holing the sign and the captain took out a bottle of champagne that my boyfriend had snuck aboard earlier in the day.

Everyone on the sailboat toasted to our engagement, and we sailed off into the sunset. It was the perfect beginning to our new life together.

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