Jenny and Patrick

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How We Met

Two and a half years ago he asked me out and turned him down. I had gone on a few dates with his roommate so I thought it would be too awkward. 3 months later I decided to get over it and ask him to see the new Star Wars movie with me, I’m a huge fan. He didn’t hold my hand and went to the bathroom during the most important part, but when he kissed me goodnight I could tell this guy was going to be different.

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We officially were dating within and we’re together ever since. I knew I found my perfect match, someone who was just as geeky as me and made me feel so confident in who I am. On New Years he had told me how he fell in love with me instantly and would propose within the year.

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how they asked

As time went on of course I grew more anxious and impatient. It was now December and I finally asked him if he was still planning on doing it this year or not. He said no and that I misunderstood what he said about when he’d propose but it would be soon, he wanted it to be perfect. Of course, I was disappointed but knew he’d make it worth the wait. We went back to my hometown to have Christmas with my family. It’s was Christmas Eve and I went to lunch with some girlfriends, I had to tell them that the proposal wasn’t happening this year like we thought. Little did I know I’d be engaged within hours. The family got home from Christmas Eve service and be so positive he would not propose I changed out of my beautiful Christmas dress into mismatched PJs.

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My fiancé faked getting a call from his dad while we played games later that night while my mom said she needed help getting a Christmas from the shed for my dad. My mother thankfully had me put on a nice coat in an attempt to cover my PJs and opened the door to our back porch. Roses, candles, lights, and Frank Sinatra played in the background as I started bawling and froze. Finally, my mom pushed me out the door to Patrick who was shivering in the -10 weather. He said he couldn’t wait to marry me and start a family and got down on one knee with the ring.

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