Jenny and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I met through our love of playing Golf. Our first date was hitting a bucket of golf balls at a local driving range.

how they asked

A grandfather & a grandson with 75 years in between unions at one special place full of history all its own in the city of Jacksonville. This is a story of love & a union that lasted because of a war, a world war. Two worlds collided & they could never tear them apart. It was a beautiful spring day & Isabelle Johnson a Springfield resident, whose house was in the middle of where the Arena stands today; & her 3 friends were doing what late teens do: hanging out together. On the third story of her house they gazed out the window towards the river often, but today was different, the view was what they all agreed had to be one of the most beautiful sites they’d ever seen.

A 3 mast vessels in full sail that captivated their attention & little did they know would one day change their lives forever as well as be affected by the terrible invasion of Europe known as World War II. They immediately ran to the river bank dock where the ship’s crew was busy anchoring. They learned the ship was called The Danmark. My grandfather & 3 of his friends & my grandmother & 3 of hers quickly became friends & started dating.Danish community here in Jacksonville & only went home to Denmark to visit family. Right across the street from my grandmother’s home was the family church, St. Andrews Episcopal built in 1887. It would be the perfect place for this union of two people from two different countries who fell in love through the very unfortunate circumstances that were taking place.

Now, 75 years later in the same month of April the future Mr. & Mrs Raulerson (Matt & Jenny) have chosen it as well for the perfect place to start their life together. Being fascinated with history we were engaged at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

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Special Thanks

Zack Glenn
 | Photographer