Jenny and Juan


How We Met

We met in July 2013 playing in an adult kickball league in Los Angeles. Around the 4th of July we were at the bar after a kickball game with the rest of the league enjoying some after-game drinks. We started talking and realized that we lived in the same apartment building, only 3 floors apart! We had our first few days at the apartment complex pool, jacuzzi, and grill during that summer. By the end of the summer, Juan took me on of the best dates and I knew he was the one I wanted to be with. He took me to the Dodgers baseball game and surprised me with 30 of our friends meeting us at the game. After the game we got to go down onto the field and watch my favorite movie, The Sandlot, on the big screen.

We decided to officially be a couple on October 6th, 2013, but we say our anniversary is October 3rd, 2013. We were on vacation in San Diego and talked about being exclusive over the weekend of Oct 6th-7th, but Juan asked if our anniversary could be October 3rd because he could remember that date because it is the date from one of our favorite movies, Mean Girls.


We bonded over our love of the tv show Friends. We watch at last an episode a day, mostly as we are laying down getting ready for bed. We have a few of the posters from the show in our apartment on the walls, have the yellow picture frame hanging on the back of our front door, bought each other “you’re my lobster” key chains, and are constantly quoting it in our daily lives.



how they asked

Our proposal happened on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016, which happened to also be our 3 year and 1 month anniversary. We went on a 14 day vacation to Europe; a trip to Rome for 3 days, then get on a cruise from Rome to Barcelona (stopping in Florence, Corsica, Toulon France, Valencia, & Palma), then 3 days in Barcelona. When looking up places to visit in Barcelona, Juan came across Mount Tibidabo as a sight seeing location above Barcelona. Like I said in our “how we met”, we share a love for the tv show Friends. We love the episode after Rachel tells Ross he is the father of her baby and they try to decide who came on to who and discover that Ross accidentally video taped the whole thing. In that episode, Joey tells Ross the “magic story” you use when you want to have sex. The story begins with “I was backpacking across Western Europe in the foothills of Mount Tibidabo outside Barcelona”….

We finished the cruise and arrived in Barcelona on November 3rd. We wanted to go to Mount Tibidabo to get some good photos of Barcelona and because its mentioned in Friends. We had to take a train, bus, and taxi to get to the top of the mountain and there was almost no one there. We walked around the church and took in some of the views. After about an hour it started to get cold so we decided to wait for the bus, but first Juan wanted to take some photos at the lookout point before we left.

Juan set up his go-pro camera and had it on video, but the whole time I thought it was on a time lapse taking photos of us. He started fumbling around with other camera equipment and asked me to go check the go-pro camera. While I was checking on the camera, Juan quickly slipped the ring box from his backpack to his pocket. When I came back to him we started taking photos and he slowly started talking about how much he loved me. I didn’t realize what was happening until he said something like, “I love you so much that I called your parents to ask them something before we left for our vacation…” and then I knew what he was doing. He got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked, “Jenny, will you marry me?”. I burst into tears and said YES!

Afterwards we took some fun photos of us with the ring around “Mount Tibidabo” signs and quickly called our family back home in the States to tell them the good news (a few of whom knew it was going to happen on vacation…) Our vacation photos and video are now named similar to how all Friends episodes are named, called “The One Where J & J Get Engaged!”.






Our Video

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