Jenny and Jordan

How We Met

Jordan and I met at our mutual friends’ Halloween party in 2015 (I was dressed as a witch and he as a cowboy). Although we hit it off immediately, I didn’t give him my number because I had a feeling we’d fall in love and I wasn’t sure I was ready! Thankfully, those same friends had a holiday party and as soon as he walked through the door I gave him my number. Two days later he surprised me with ice-skating on the beach in Santa Monica, CA for our first official date and we have been inseparable since! Just three weeks after our first date I flew to Minnesota (we both live in Los Angeles, CA) to spend New Year’s with him and meet his family! For someone who is not normally spontaneous, this was quite a crazy move! We’ve since shared three wonderful years together full of more adventure and fun than I could have imagined!

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How They Asked

We love traveling and took our first trip as a couple to Santa Ynez Valley and Los Olivos, beautiful wine country in the Santa Barbara Mountains, a few months after we began dating. Over the years this special area has become like a second home to us where we have celebrated birthdays, major milestones and long weekends with friends and family.

At the beginning of this year, Jordan asked me to leave a particular weekend open on my calendar but wouldn’t tell me why. It turns out, he had planned a surprise trip to Santa Ynez Valley three years to the weekend of our very first trip there! On Saturday morning, he woke up early as always and snuck-out of our Airbnb while I was sleeping to pick-up coffee, tea, and breakfast for us to enjoy in bed. When he got back, I could tell something was up as he looked very anxious while we ate our food. Suddenly, Jordan stood up and reached under the bed, pulling out a little black velvet box. I was shocked! With no make-up on and mid-blueberry muffin, Jordan was on one knee and proposing to me! It was absolutely perfect, and totally us! We spent the rest of the weekend wine tasting and enjoying the gorgeous scenery with friends new and old!