After a bold move on her part, these two met on the subway and got engaged there years later.

Image 1 of After a bold move on her part, these two met on the subway and got engaged there years later.How we met: I was riding the C train home from work on a blizzardy Tuesday in January 2011, and I noticed a good looking guy standing about 30 feet away from me. Since everyone is silent on a crowded train, I chose not to strike up a conversation with him while an audience watched. I decided that if he got off at my stop, I’d find an excuse to talk to him. If he didn’t, c’est la vie. He got off at 59th street, which is not my stop. I figured it was the universe telling me it wasn’t meant to be. As the doors were about to close, I said, “screw the universe” and ran off the train. I jogged to catch up with him, and I did as he was exiting the station.

Disheveled and bundled in my winter hat and puffy coat, I tapped him on the shoulder. I said, “Excuse me…I’m sorry to bother you.” He said, “That’s ok, you seem nice.” I confirmed that I was nice and went on to say, “You’re wearing gloves, so I can’t tell if you’re wearing a wedding ring. However, in the event that you’re not married…you were on my subway, and I thought you were cute. Any chance I could give you my business card?” [Everyone notes how bold this part is, but I just thought I was being courteous and practical.] He said, “Hi, I’m Jon.” After nervously digging in my backpack, I found my wallet and fished out my Google business card. I handed it to him and told him my name was Jenny. He called the next day. On our first date, I thought, “Wow. What are the chances this good looking guy also happens to be smart, funny, adventurous, kind, and in an a cappella group?” Initially, I lied and told him I got off at that stop because I had to run an errand; a month later I came clean. One-and-a-half years later we moved in together, and a few weeks ago, he proposed.

How Jon proposed: On Sept. 1, 2013, Jon and I were standing on the 6 train on the way from the UES to Union Square to meet his friend for brunch. He was quizzing me on my aviation flash cards, as I’m studying to be a recreational pilot. After getting a few answers right, he told me how proud of me he was, how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee and had a small black velvet box in his hand. Despite us having already discussed marriage, I was completely shocked in the moment. The cross-section of America who made up the crowd on the train all gasped and cheered. A circle developed around us as people captured the event on their phones. I laughed and cried as Jon and I hugged. Self-conscious about not wanting to break our meaningful embrace, I hesitated to ask a passenger if they had footage. However, my practical side prevailed. I turned to a woman next to me who had her cell phone pointed at us. I asked if she happened to have video, and she unfortunately replied that she didn’t. “That’s ok,” Jon said, “This guy does.” Jon pointed to the man standing on my other side. He was a friend of Jon’s I’d never met, and Jon had sneakily planted him as videographer. We exited the Subvway, and I continued to utter sentiments of shock. I wondered how I was going to survive brunch with his friend when all I wanted to do was call my parents and friends. We walked into the restaurant; instead of his friend, I saw his parents along with mine who’d flown in from Denver. We celebrated with champagne, as I thought about how he nailed every aspect of the memorable day.

People curse the NYC subway, but personally, I’m a fan.

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