Jenny and Jeremy

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how we met

Jenny and I had met/hung out a few times before the start of our relationship. She was my neighbor at the time. It was Valentine’s Day back in 2012(a Tuesday). My roommate Ryan and I had the day off and of course, like any guys who were single decided to have an anti-Valentine’s Day. As we pulled out of our parking pad (we live in Baltimore city), we were half way down the block and saw Jenny walking her dog Lucy. Being silly we gave a slight whistle and a “Hey girl, what you doing?”(Mind you we would never do this to a random person). Jenny gives a quick whip around with a death glare that could pop the tires off my car. The face changes immediately as she recognizes it’s her neighbors being silly. We invite her to join our day long adventure of doing whatever and celebrating anti-Valentine’s Day. Being the adventurous person I love to this day she quickly finishes walking Lucy and jumps along for the ride. It was a beautiful day, windows down, music playing and around noon so it was time for some lunch so we were on our way to get some sushi. At the venue we have some good laughs, got some full bellies, and have a little bit of sake to enjoy our day together. We then plan on making the day a truly adventurous day. So next up was some duck pin bowling. This is probably where you will hear Jenny say “I rubbed her lower back a little while she was waiting to bowl and looked at me in a different way”. I can’t remember who won, it didn’t matter, and it’s that we were having a great time in each other’s company. We then decide to go across the street for some skeeball. We do this for a bit and I told everyone I would be back later since I promised another friend that was bartending an event that I would come by. As I was heading there all I could think was “Why was I leaving all the good times”? I get there and not 20 minutes later I’m really regretting my decision to leave, and decide to head back. I get back to the adventure as they were still at the skeeball venue. As we were playing more skeeball we were trying to get into each other heads to screw the other person up. One of the things was to see how close you could get/stare at someone’s face to make them feel uncomfortable. This didn’t work for me and Jenny because it leads to a kiss between the two of us. I guess you could say the closeness between us would never make us feel uncomfortable. The rest of evening/night was hanging out and having a good time. At the end of it, both of us asked each other if we had tomorrow off and if we wanted to hang out again. An immediate ‘yes’ to each other followed with a high five. This of course started the adventure between us. A few months pass and we are on a mini vacation with some friends in Deepcreek Lake and I say “I love you”. Any person wants to hear this said right back, and I did and I could see it in her eyes. It took a few days later for her to say it but I knew beforehand.

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the ring

It’s been 5 years, and of course my family, friends, and Jenny know the time is coming round to me proposing to her. Being open to each other, Jenny prints me out a few pages to reference. She wants something old, something different, something classic. I get a few ideas in my head of what I want to buy and of course tell friends of what kind of ring I’m planning. We have one friend Stacy who is close friends to us tell me she has a family ring that she thinks would be perfect for us (It’s old, something different, something classic, and something unique like our relationship). She says it’s a pearl engagement ring. I was a little skeptical but told her to send me some pictures the next day because I was actually intrigued as well. Next day she sends me some pictures with different angles. It intrigued me more and more throughout the day because as I kept looking at the ring, things just ran though my head.

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It’s not exactly what Jenny wanted but it kept growing and growing on me. Things kept running through my head I could say with the proposal with this ring just kept running through my head. Things like “You don’t have to worry about scratching someone with it”. And I started to fall in love with the ring. A few days later I was out with Jenny and a few other friends. I say “I’m going to meet up with Stacy and another circle of friends of ours, meet up with me later”. I meet up and finally see the ring in person and start tearing up because I know it’s the right one.

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how they asked

So in my heart, I need to propose soon. First off, I have a ring burning a hole in my pocket. Second, Jenny’s dad has cancer and only has a few months to live. I love her father and want him to know his daughter is going to have someone there forever when he passes. These past few months Jenny has been going up every 2-3 weeks up to Michigan to spend as much time with her father as possible. Giving me limited days that we have off together and days of her not in Michigan. So I’m doing Sunday morning brunch with some friends out in Fells Baltimore. They know I have the ring now and I start bringing up the next times she’s off and when I’m off work and when she’s up in Michigan. I mention that I want to do it before she visits her father the next time. Crossing dates off, the only really date is Tuesday (2 days away).

Ok, got a date. Now where? My 2 friends Tom and Dan who were at brunch with me had stayed the night before at the new hotel in Fells “The Pendry”; which they will be getting married at. The place has been completely renovated and I knew that they had reconstructed the back area to be beautiful with an endless pool and a view into the harbor would be wonderful. We finish up brunch and I check it out. It’s perfect; well accept the fact of it having small new trees. I say this because Jenny has always said if I propose that she wants all our friends to jump out of trees and say congratulations. So I will have to improvise, we will have everyone hide in the main courtyard that connects the front main area of the hotel restaurant and the back lounge area with the pool and proposal. So at this time I contact Jenny and say “Hey Tuesday night, let’s do a date night at the new hotel restaurant with Tom and Dan. They said it was really good and would love to eat there again”. The plan was set into motion. Now to gather the troops, the family, the friends… and a photographer? Luckily sometimes you get a friend who is talented in a field and hope that they can help you out in a time crunch. I text our friend Ashton Kelley saying it was two days away. She has always said she would shoot it for us and would never want to miss out on it. Photographer: check. I contact a few other key people that can get all our friends together in a quick situation (some of her family members, some captains of our social leagues, and my family as well). The next day, plans go into place that people will hang out at another venue across the street while we get some food/drink/appetizer’s at the new restaurant. That we will chit chat and I will mention something about wanting to see the new endless pool to Jenny (even though I already saw it). And then people will come into the courtyard while we are at the back lounge area with the endless pool going into the harbor. That way the can surprise her when she walks back in. Also at this time I’m getting texts asking ‘small or large (people wise)’… “EVERYONE“ is of course the reply. Should we make posters… “YES”. I’m thinking of getting her a tiara… Omg why wouldn’t we? I also mention that I would like our song to play as we come back in after the proposal. So now at this point, everything is setup.

So now it’s Tuesday. As we are getting ready she’s asking what to wear because it is a nice venue and I’m wondering if she knows. We catch a ride over the place and meet up with Tom, Dan, and another friend Amanda. Drinks are had in the lounge area. I mention to Jenny how I want to see the new endless pool because she saw it with them on Saturday night when they stayed there. As we are heading back she’s explaining the courtyard and their wedding plans. Also at this time Tom and Dan are texting everyone to head over from the venue across the street. We get to the back lounge area with the endless pool. Again she explains what they plan to do at our friend’s wedding. I start looking around dumb founded saying that these trees around here aren’t very big. How would someone propose out here if people can’t jump out the trees to surprise them and say congratulations! (It went over her head.)

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As she’s starting to walk back I notice Ashton coming out the door with her husband Dave. I quickly grab her hand and say let’s take a look at the end of the pool into the harbor. As we get to end of the pool/pier into the harbor, I turn her and say “You are my sunshine, you are my lollipop, you are my rainbow, and you are everything that’s wonderful when we are together” most of it after that is jumble while I’m getting on my knee to propose to her. I pull the ring out of a cloth bag because I didn’t want it to be noticeable and she says ‘YES’!

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We kiss, we hug, we cry. As we start walking back she notices Ashton taking the photos but no one else… but then our friends and family start pouring out the door endlessly while blaring our song, with some of them holding posters, someone putting a tiara on her, and some blowing bubbles. T

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hey all gather around us in a circle as we kiss and Jenny and I grab each other’s hands as we spin together in the middle dancing to our song. After all the congratulations, we gather around for some beautiful photos. We head back in and over into another venue to have drinks with friends and family. I couldn’t be luckier to have the friends and family who can show up on short notice knowing how much she’s been visiting her father. A photographer as well, who on short notice, shot our proposal and created a beautiful album that night. Finally a fiancée who I started an adventure with more than 5 years ago and is still going.

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