Jenny and Ian

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How We Met

I met my fiancee the same place that he asked me to be his wife. Ian used to live in downtown Tampa, and my friend wanted to go out to celebrate her and I starting our first year of college. I did not know that we would meet up with this attractive guy that had gleaming brown eyes and a smile that makes my heart melt. I was driving with my friend to Ian’s apartment and we parked by this abandoned church, where Ian was waiting for us. Once I exited my car in a blue tight knit dress, it wasn’t until we got to the side walk that my goofy self introduced myself to Ian, very nervous the whole entire time.

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While at his apartment, we talked the whole time. I tried to keep my cool, and it wasn’t until 3 AM of getting late night pizza that I went up to him after eating a whole slice of pizza, and just kissed him. Was crazy for just meeting someone, but I am so glad that I kissed him when I did. I stayed at his apartment the rest of the night just talking and laughing, and the next morning I was back to my nervous shy self not speaking much. It was not until a month later that we actually went on our first date! But I will always remember the first night we met, because it was so memorable.

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how they asked

The proposal still makes me tear up to this day, and I am so happy that I have been asked to spend the rest of my life with my person. Remember when I said that I first met Ian at his apartment? Well fast forward a year of long distance, a year after of living together, and two adopted later, we happened to go on a date night with dinner at a nice rustic restaurant right around the area where we first met. After dinner, my fiancee wanted to grab coffee by the coffee shop right next door to his old apartment. After we grabbed coffee, we started walking on the same sidewalk where he first met and Ian states, “Jenny, I love you.

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I appreciate you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” And all in an instant, I see my Mom, Dad, Ian’s Mom and Brother (who flew all the way from Ohio!) come out of the parked car with Ian getting down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I could ever lay eyes on. I was in tears. My family, my love of my life, all sharing this beautiful moment together. I will never forget that sidewalk where memories were created for the rest of my days.

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