Jenny and Drew

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How We Met

Drew and I first met October 19, 2012. We were at my sisters birthday gathering. We had been in my sisters wedding together a couple years before, but never noticed one another. We had to look back in wedding photos to believe it. We were both going through some tuff times, so we clicked immediately. November 3rd, 2012 Drew asked me if I wanted to go with him to put camera out in a field. From that day we have been inseparable.

how they asked

Drew had bought us a scrapbook a few months back that he wanted us to start putting all of our pictures, concert stubs, and things like that in it. Of course I just let it sit on the table, and I didn’t touch it for awhile because I am not a crafty person. Well Tuesday night he told me he had put pictures in our scrapbook while I was at work and asked if I wanted to see what he put together. I was very shocked that he had done this! So we were looking at all the pictures from when we first started dating, concert tickets, and notes we had written one another while I was in Nursing school and he worked night shift as a Deputy.

This was the only way to leave each other “little gifts” since our schedules were always opposite of each other’s and we lived an hour apart. We kept flipping and it got to the end of the pictures and the next page had the first envelope with a note written on it. I could feel something bumpy on the next page. When I flipped it over it had the second envelope, which had the ring in it! I was in total shock! I couldn’t believe it! I asked him was this for real?! He said yes. I started crying and hugged him. Then before I even said yes, I asked him if he had asked my daddy yet! Drew said he had asked him back in January when they were hunting together. So of course I said yes! My heart is so happy!
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