Jenny and Chris

how we met

Christopher & I have know each other since we were kids, growing up together since Elementary school. In high school, we became best friends since we kept getting grouped/partnered together in abc order because our last names both start with the letter “G”. Christopher was my date to almost every dance in high school and he always pushed for us to date. I was reluctant to give it a try because I didn’t want to lose our friendship, but my senior year of high school he finally talked me into letting him take me out on a date. Its now been 7 years with my best friend & I thank him everyday for not giving up on me when we were kids!

how they asked

Our engagement was such a surprise to me! I knew it was going to happen this year but had no idea when or how he would pull it off. Christopher always wanted it to be a surprise but I always spoil all of his surprises so I thought it was impossible. Somehow he managed to completely blind side me with the help of family & friends. I thought I was going out to eat with my family at a nice restaurant that required me to dress nice. Christopher, of course, couldn’t make it because he had work. While waiting at my sisters house for my parents to show up, they asked me if i wanted to ride on the golf cart to get $1 cocktails at the country club which I of course said, “heck yeah!” When we pulled up, chris was waiting under the gazebo of a golf course with all of our closest family and friends near by waiting in the country club. I was absolutely shocked and loved every minute of it!

Special Thanks

Three Twenty Studio
 | Photography