Jenny and Byron

Image 1 of Jenny and Byron

How We Met: Byron and I have been friends since Freshman year of college through mutual friends. We were never really that close in our group of friends since Byron liked to stay pretty distant to all the girls. He was always known to be the one making fun of everyone. I remember he use to be so mean to me! My junior year of college, I do remember having a crush on him for a week. I asked him if he liked anyone and hoping he would tell me it was me. Unfortunately, it was some other girl so I got over it real quick. Never thought it would ever come back.

After I graduated college, I moved back to Chicago where Byron was living. With very few friends back at home, Byron and I became really close. We shared our stories and our care for each other grew. I thought we were just friends. Really close friends…

Soon enough, Byron realized he had something more in his heart for me than just friends. One night, he poured out his heart on the table. Told me he cared about me a lot… more than just friends and the he accepted all of me. All my flaws, my mistakes, my past, my insecurities and my sins. He choose to care for me and accept me past everything. Overwhelmed by his words and the love, I took some time away to pray and think. He was one of my best guy friends and I feared of screwing things up. After consoling with friends and family, we decided to give it a go. Three years of dating… and now we are engaged!! He’s my best friend and I couldn’t be more blessed to have him as my partner in crime!

how they asked:(Jenny’s Story) It was Labor day weekend and nothing was planned to my knowledge. On the Friday before the weekend started, I asked a co-worker if there were any fun activities to do. She suggested Botanic Gardens. That night, I asked Byron if we could check out the Botanic Gardens over the weekend. With some hesitation and no excitement, Byron suggested Monday as a good day to go. So, I planned out the day, Botanic gardens in the morning and BBQ with some friends for dinner. Monday morning, we drove up north. During the car ride…

Byron:”Man.. I’m soo nervous for school tomorrow… ”
Jenny:”Why? You love school! You never get nervous.”
Byron:”I donno.. Auditions, first day… I’m just really nervous for some reason.”
Jenny:”Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

We arrived at Botanic Gardens. Parked. Byron took his big backpack along..
Jenny:”Why are you taking your backpack? It’s so hot and we will be walking all day.”
Byron:”… because i have water in here. We might get thirsty.”
Jenny:”Oh. good idea!”

So we then entered into the garden, and I expressed how I wanted to walk around the entire park starting from one end all the way around. Byron then suggested to hit up the most popular sightings. With some compromise we decided to hit up the rose garden first. I was having a blast, taking pictures… But for some reason, I kept hearing Byron sighing heavily multiple times.

Jenny: “DUDE… are you okay? What’s wrong with you?
Byron: “*SIGH*.. its just soooo hot outside. (it was 90 degrees)
Jenny: “oh.. are you okay?
Byron: “yeah, lets just keep walking.”

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Image 3 of Jenny and Byron

We then finally enter the English Walled Garden (the place Byron kept talking about). It was really beautiful. When we got there, Byron took out 2 drinks and a bluetooth speaker. And tells me that we could both listen to music while we rested. I didn’t think anything of it… Then, Byron walked across the pond and told me to come out of the shade so he can take a picture. When he walked towards me, he turned the music on from his phone.

Jenny: “OMG. TURN DOWN THE SOUND.. it’s too loud!”
Byron: “Jenny.. chill out. just wait.”

So shocked and embarrassed, I picked up the speaker to turn it down. Byron attempted to turn the song back on. Walks over to me and holds my hand.

Image 4 of Jenny and Byron

He explains that he wrote me a song. When he started tearing, I realized he was proposing (I’ve never seen him cry). He sang the song holding back his tears as much as possible. I started tearing.. and after the song finishes, Byron got down on one knee and proposed.

Image 5 of Jenny and Byron

I said YES! and bursted into tears and into Byron’s arms. We both cried into each others arms.. hugging it out.

Image 6 of Jenny and Byron

It was truly a beautiful and genuine moment. After the proposal, Byron took me to another garden with a shaded area and brought out homemade korean lunch, kimbap and riceballs.

Image 7 of Jenny and Byron

Photos by: Nahmyoung