Jenny and Armor

How We Met

My friend from 2008 happened to be Armor’s roommate in 2018. This friend invited my friends and me to his place for a housewarming game night in downtown Los Angeles. What he didn’t know at the time was that it was also my birthday. I came to have a good time and to win.

We learned the board game Secret Hitler and I had the honor of getting the role of secret Hitler. I ended up fooling everybody and players were left completely speechless. I just remember being so happy that I fooled all my friends and won. Have I mentioned I’m super competitive? lol

Little did I know the whole night was actually a set up for Armor and I to meet! We really hit it off that night, but I didn’t think much of it. In the next couple of days, we connected over social media and started getting to know each other more. Within a week of meeting each other, we went on our first date at the Getty Museum in LA.

How They Asked

We’ve been doing long distance between Seattle and Philadelphia for over a year now. Tired of coast to coast weekend trips, we decided to go on a week-long cruise in the Caribbean to do something we both love: scuba dive. Of course, the days leading up to the cruise, Hurricane Dorian was born. We figured, “eh, whatever. Let’s still go!”

We dove a fun, interactive shipwreck (Willy T 2) that had just sunk two prior in Tortola, B.V.I. We were probably amongst one of the first 50 people to dive it! I was super focused on catching up to our dive group so I was swimming ahead of Armor as we swam past the coral reef.

With about 15 minutes left in our dive, at 100feet underwater, he pulled my fin to bring my attention to the corals. I noticed there was a ring dangling on the coral reef. Now, it’s not uncommon to find treasures that people lost in the ocean when you scuba dive. So, when seeing the ring, my first thought was “Ha! Some sucker probably tried to propose to his girl and they lost their ring in the ocean. Wow, how perfectly it landed on this coral reef. I wonder how much we can sell that for…” Then he picked it up put it on my finger. And it fit. Perfectly. I was like “wow and it fits perfectly on my tiny finger! haha, what are the chances?” … oh dang! hold up!! ME?!??!! Of course this whole time, no words were exchanged just looks, body expressions, and grunts.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Tortola, B.V.I

We swam for another 10 minutes the whole time I was thinking “omg is seawater even ok for a diamond ring?”

We finally came to the surface after what felt like an eternity. He did the whole speech and asked me to make him the happiest, luckiest man in the world by marrying him. He also assured me, “don’t worry, that’s not the real ring. The real thing is on the cruise ship.” LOL, I was so shocked and elated I forgot to say yes until 5 minutes later! He really put the shine in knight in shining Armor!

Jenny and Armor's Engagement in Tortola, B.V.I

Jenny's Proposal in Tortola, B.V.I