Jenny and Andrew

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How We Met

We met in high school, but were just acquaintances. 6 years later we ran into each other at a mutual friends Halloween party and talked most of the night. The rest is history after that… 1 month and a half later we decided to take a trip to Disney; were both Disney freaks. One of the nights of our trip, we were at Magic Kingdom with some friends and he pulled me aside “to talk”. He pulled out a piece of paper and started reading a poem he wrote for me. At the end he asked if Id be his princess? Dec 16, 2012 I became his girlfriend and ended the night with fireworks and magic :)

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how they asked

Almost 5 years later, and through many ups and downs, we took another trip to Disney. Years ago, we had gone to Busch Gardens were we did a caricature. We know its meant to be comical and exaggerated but I wasn’t pleased with how they drew me. So Andrews plan was to try another at Disney. I wasn’t too excited, so when we sat down, I asked the guy to please not exaggerate a certain feature. During the process, I noticed Andrew to be a little “spacey” but I didn’t think anything of it. It was hot and we had been sitting there for about an hour by the time the guy was done. The guy says, “ok I’m done” and I being closest to the guy, turned and looked and was so blown away with how he drew me, that I was completely distracted and didn’t notice what was happening in front of me, nor did I see the full picture that had just been drawn.

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I know, I know. I was a little tunnel visioned, but finally I caught a glimpse of Andrew. Except, he was on the floor and I wasnt sure what was going on. I saw his lips moving, but my ears weren’t working. I couldn’t hear what he was saying…. Finally after what felt like forever, but was only seconds, he looked at me with a face and said, “babe?” I said, “I’m sorry, whats going on, why are you on the floor”? He said, “babe I love you so much, WILL YOU MARRY ME”? I stared at him and after realizing what was happening, I teared up and said “YES”!!!

He stood up and pulled me out of my seat. I couldn’t stop hugging him and kissing him. He put the ring on my finger and I couldn’t stop shaking!! Photographers came out front behind walls, throwing confetti at us and taking pictures. After some time, they gave us hats; his said “I asked” and mine said “I said yes”. They took us out onto Main Street and took some pictures of us. All the while, I’m still shaking, can’t stop smiling, can’t stop staring at the new ring on my finger and wanting to just keep kissing my new FIANCEE! Later in the day, as we went to have dinner and ice cream to celebrate, Andrew told me of his plans and how he managed it. He was spacey during the drawing because he was looking for the photographers and couldn’t find them and was getting nervous. He knew I always wanted it just us, not in front of a big crowd, and for it to be caught on camera. It was at Disney, but it was off to the side, just the caricature artist and us 2. In one of the pictures the photographers got of him on his knee, his phone in his hand. He isn’t happy with that, but he told me, “I was ready to give my phone to the artist or just take a picture of your face, your reaction myself since I didn’t see the photographers anywhere”. He’s the best!! Always trying to make everything the best, and always wanting to put a smile on my face.

Disney is the most magical place on earth, and for me it’s definitely been magical. I was asked out there, proposed to there and have some of the best memories there, together :)

I cant wait to marry my Prince Charming!

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