Jennika and Alex

Image 1 of Jennika and Alex

How we met: In May of 2010 I graduated from high school and left home to pursue my dream of playing college volleyball. I was given a scholarship to Idaho State University and moved there in the fall of 2010. I spent a year in Idaho and throughout my time there I never felt happy and I was quite depressed. The boys were the absolute worst! If I thought for a second I would meet my future “Mr. Wright” while in Idaho, I was clearly wrong. After much thought and many prayers I decided to leave Idaho and head back to my hometown in Utah. It was a shock to my family, friends, and, especially, me, that I had actually left behind my “dream”. I knew that whatever God had in store for me was going to be worth it. That fall, I transferred to a little college 45 minutes away from my hometown to compete for their track team. I was given a track scholarship and I immediately felt blessed and calm about my choice to switch schools. About a month into school the track team had a team party to get to know everyone. I was very nervous because I did not know anyone and was new to the team. Upon arriving I was greeted by a tall, big afro, big smile and loud kid whose name was Alex. I remember I couldn’t stop laughing the entire night. I had never meet someone so funny and genuine. We exchanged numbers and I left the party with a big grin. The following months we hung out many times and texted often. (Alex always jokes about how his “text game” was the reason he won me over.) We saw each other everyday at track practice and soon became great friends. Traveling to track meets we would sit by each other on the bus and talk for hours about everything. Those were the moments I felt that we had connected. February 2012: we became official!!! ( BEST decision ever!!!)

Image 2 of Jennika and Alex

how they asked: May of 2014. We were in Flagstaff, Arizona for the Big Sky track and field championships. I had just competed in the shot put event and had done HORRIBLE! Alex had missed watching me throw and I was quite mad at him, so obviously I wasn’t nice to him after I competed. ( I actually thought he was going to break up with me because of how I had acted haha.) After my event I went to cool off and calm down before Alex was to begin competing in the finals for the tripe jump event. I stood close by as I watched Alex jump and win the championships! It was an amazing moment and I couldn’t have been happier for him. After the athletes finished they were directed to the podium to receive their awards. I stood next to my team in the bleachers with my camera ready as they were announcing the winners. They announced the 3rd place winner, 2nd place winner, and then, finally, Alex. As Alex took his place on the top of the podium, he reached down and took the microphone. My heart dropped.

Through a strong wind he spoke through the microphone and called me up to the podium. The crowd went wild. At this point, I was shaking… a lot! As I made my way to where he was, I tripped and fell. Yes, I said tripped and fell, in front of the 400 people in the stands as well as Alex. I got up, embarrassed, and continued towards Alex. Once I arrived in front of the podium, he got down on one knee and told me (and everyone else), “I love you and I know you love me…so I just have one question, will you marry me?” I said YESSSS!!!!

Image 3 of Jennika and Alex

But to clarify my answer, the announcer took the microphone and asked me to yell it to the crowd. It was the best moment of my life to finally be engaged to the love of my life…besides the tripping. I can officially say that I “Fell in Love”.