Jennifer and Michael

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How We Met

Mike and I met 2.5 years ago. We both lived in San Diego and had tons of mutual friends, yet we never seemed to bump into each other long enough to have a decent conversation. So I did what any girl would do and added him as a friend on Facebook and messaged him from there. Our first time meeting was for a casual jog along the beach in Pacific Beach. We hit it off and decided we should grab a drink as our post-workout cool down. After that date we never turned back! One of our main interests that brought us together is being outdoors. In Mike, I found my perfect adventure partner. He’s the one that encouraged me to summit Mt. Whitney with him at my side, and he’s the one that talked me into an icy river walk through the Narrows in Zion NP during winter… Not everyone’s favorite past time, but for us, unforgettable adventures!

how they asked

In January we went on a trip to Yosemite. We knew it was supposed to snow, but we didn’t quite realize it would be a record amount of snow for that area! Either way, we were excited. We began our trek to Vernal falls, one of our favorite falls of Yosemite. By the time we reached the waterfall we were hiking in 6-12 inch snow along with giant snowflakes from above. Of course we both insisted on setting up our cameras on self timer to catch a photo! When Mike ran over to me for the photo, he got down on one knee and handed me a rustic wooden box. He froze. I could tell he was incredibly nervous. I asked him, ‘babe are you going to open the box?’, then he laughed and asked me to marry him! It was the most special and unforgettable moment. The sound of the waterfall, the snow falling, and the tears of happiness in his eyes… a time we will cherish forever. I said yes (duh) and slipped on the most beautiful ring onto my freezing finger.

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