Jennifer and Brian

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How We Met

I started working at O’Neill Properties in September of 2012. Brian and I met each other and talked briefly a few times in the office over the next 3 months. On December 6, 2012 there was a Happy Hour for a Co-Worker in the King of Prussia Mall and we both attended it. Throughout the night, Stephanie (one of our co-workers) was meddling and trying to get us to talk to each other. To this day, she still claims she should be thanked for our relationship (THANKS STEPH)!! We ending up talking that whole night. As we walked out together towards the parking lot, I was telling him about my new car. I had just gotten a new Ford Focus and it had a feature where the car read incoming text messages out loud. Brian seemed very interested in this feature, so I had suggested he come see it since they were parked right by each other. He sat in the passenger’s side while I climbed into the driver’s side. Brian started sending texts from his phone to mine to have the messages read through the speakers of the car. As you can imagine, the texts were immature/funny for the most part and the car would read them with the correct inflection. The last text sent was from Brian, and it simply said “Kiss?”….and from that night on we hardly spent a weekend apart!

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how they asked

On the day that Brian asked me to marry him, we were having a BBQ at our Brigantine house for Labor Day Weekend. We invited friends and family to come for the weekend; however, Hurricane Hermione was coming that same day, so I expected people to cancel or my Dad to tell me it wasn’t safe to stay in Brigantine. When no one canceled (not even our friend from Hoboken who was about 9 months pregnant), and my Dad didn’t call to check in, I figured the storm was not going to be that bad. So, I went on with the day as usual setting up. Brian told me previously that he wanted to take selfie with everyone to send to NPR for their “Selfie with your Shorehouse” contest they were having. The requirements were that it had to have a banner in the Selfie with the name of your house on it. I totally forgot about this until, once everyone arrived, Brian made an announcement saying we were going to take the picture now out on the deck before the rain started.

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Everyone went out onto the deck and Brian and I went down below because we had the Selfie Stick to take the photo. Truthfully, I was annoyed because it was windy, and I didn’t see why we still needed to do the picture! On top of that, the winner received a mug, which I did not think was worth it. So, everyone lined up on the balcony above us and dropped the banner that said “Magic Cove”, which is what we call our house.

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Everyone was ready for the Selfie and Brian said “OK this is it! Is everyone in?” Then it looked like the banner flew way from the wind, but it was everyone on the balcony replacing it with a bigger banner that said “Pookie, Will you marry me?” And right there with a lot of our family and friends he asked me to marry him!!!!

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