Jennifer and Zachary

How We Met

Zack and I met while volunteering at City Team Ministries Spring 2010. A place Zack would go to volunteer 3 times a week. I had a volunteer project for one of my classes and chose City Team to volunteer at. Zack was very welcoming on the first day I arrived. He was working on a sandwich project to feed around 300 people lunch. As he was making the sandwiches he was singing to church songs that was playing on the radio. Being a good little church girl, I thought Zack was a good little choir boy. I later found out Zack was fake singing to the music just to past time. Zack would always make fun of my ability to make sandwiches. He didn’t like the way I would spread the condiments. As time went on, Zack asked for rides to City Team.

I didn’t enjoy going to City Team as I felt Zack was really harsh on my sandwich making skills. But since he needed a ride, I felt obligated to go and I kind of enjoyed spending time with him. Eventually, Zack gave me the silverware job which was more my speed! City Team starting becoming more fun! Zack and I started hanging out outside of City Team… he even helped me with my final project! Summer came and we went our separate ways. Fall 2010, we were both excited to join Greek Life. Zack constantly asked me to hang out throughout the entire pledging process. Apparently, I was playing hard to get. Zack and I finally made it through the pledging process and asked me to his formal, I finally caved! Zack and I danced the night away and I knew that he was something special.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Saint Lucia

how they asked

Zack and I had a planned trip to Saint Lucia. On the second night we were there Zack asked to take a walk on the beach to see the sunset. I was super hungry and got ready faster than usual! Zack started stalling as he kept saying the sunset was setting at 6:19. He later told me the scene wasn’t set, so he had to be quick on his feet. After stalling for a few minutes on the beach while watching the beautiful sunset, Zack suggested we finally go to dinner. As we walked down the beach Zack said “did you really think we would come all the way to Saint Lucia with out having dinner on the beach?” Prior to our trip I kept suggesting to Zack we should do dinner on the beach. Little did I know Zack had the proposal planned for months. As soon as Zack took my hand into the candle lite heart, I realized this was more than just dinner on the beach.

Where to Propose in Saint Lucia

It was such a magical proposal! Thankfully Zack had a photographer to capture this beautiful moment that we will never forget. We are very excited to start this next chapter of our love story!