Jennifer and Tyler

How We Met

It was October of 2011 and my roommate Shannon and I were out and about in downtown St. Louis after we had hosted a Halloween party. At one point, Shannon ran over to me and told me that she had just ran into a guy that she knew from high school who had a friend visiting from Australia. Once the four of us were hanging out together, Shannon introduced me to my now fiancé, Tyler…and Tyler introduced her to her now husband, Alex! That night turned into an all-nighter full of fun….little did we know, a few years down the road we’d be exchanging wedding vows with these fellas.

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how they asked

We were visiting Tyler’s brother, sister-in-law, and niece that live in Oslo, Norway. Once we had visited in Oslo for a week, we decided to take a little side trip, just the two of us, to Tromsø, Norway. Tromsø was the most magical place. We honestly felt as if we were in the North Pole! While there, we saw the Northern Lights and we went on the most amazing husky dog-sledding adventure. After the dog-sledding trip throughout the wintery country side of Tromsø, Norway, with the snowy mountain tops and fjords as the backdrop, Tyler dropped down to one knee in the ice and snow and asked me to marry him! I couldn’t stop saying, are you serious? Wait, you’re for real? It was totally unexpected and he captured the entire thing on video by pretending to be taking photos of the beautiful scenery with our go-pro! Once we got back to town, we had planned on celebrating with champagne during a nice dinner. Instead, we accidentally fell asleep and took a 4-hour nap, followed by waking up, calling both of our parents and good friends, and going out for a late night pizza! It was totally our style and totally perfect!

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