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How We Met

The first time I saw Trivon was during a Entertainment Q&A Panel in Decatur, GA, which included various actors and directors in the entertainment industry. Trivon is an actor and happened to be one of the actors caste in this community theater’s next holiday production, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, which was a classic film from the 1940s. He would be playing the lead role of George Bailey. I could have sworn he looked in my direction because I was definitely checking him out, but according to him, he never saw me.

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Following the Q&A Panel, I met the Producing Artistic Director, Michael H. Cole, who was in search of a Stage Manager to help him with his next stage play. I agreed to accept the position and he invited me to the casting which was a few weeks later. This is where Trivon and I would officially meet for the first time. After a pleasant exchange of words between us, it was strictly business going forward. A month and a half into rehearsing for the production, the theater scheduled a day to work on the set. The director had to leave early, so Trivon and I were left alone at the theatre. We struck up a conversation, which lasted for 4-hours long, non-stop. This turned out to be one of the most memorable conversations we’d have and eventually blossomed into a solid friendship — which is how all great relationships start:)

Once the stage play wrapped, communication faded between the two of us, as life somehow got in the way. 6 months later, on his birthday, I reached out to him and we reconnected once again. From that point on, the chemistry was undeniable and we started dating soon after.

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how they asked

After over a year of dating, Trivon and I figured it was time for us to take our first vacation together as a couple. We traveled to St. Lucia and stayed at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian, which was an absolutely beautiful resort on the water and gave us the most perfect view of the island. An extra perk of the trip was having a Butler during our stay, to make the trip that much more luxurious.

On the 2nd day of our vacation, our Butler asked if we would be the couple they use to shoot some photos they needed to update the Sandals website for this location. Of course, we said yes!

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The photo shoot was a candlelight dinner on the beach, which is part of one of the packages they offer to guests. As we neared the end of dinner, the photographer wanted a few more shots he said he didn’t get. For one of the shots, he asked Trivon to get down on one knee and for me to sit on the other knee. After the shot was taken, I got up to stand, waiting for the photographer to tell us where he wanted us next and when I look over at Trivon, he was still down on one knee, reaching for something in his pocket…

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I could physically see him down on one knee but I went completely deaf in confusion, missing the whole proposal speech (which I’m sure was beautiful). I never heard a word! After being down there for what he says was an eternity, he asked me again to marry him. I nodded yes and the Sandals staff cheered from along the beach!!!

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Trivon later confessed that the Sandals staff and our butler had been planning this for over month before our arrival and he even asked my father for my hand in marriage before we left because he knew that was something important to me.

It was at THAT moment that I cried THEE UGLIEST CRY I have EVER CRIED. That’s when it all set in and became real. He just asked me to marry him!!!

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Before we left, my fiancé scheduled a surprise engagement photo shoot on the beach. He thought of everything to make it the most memorable story I could ever tell!

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