Jennifer and Timothy

We both met in 2011, where we began our jobs at The Hartford, in Hartford, CT.

Image 1 of Jennifer and TimothyHow We Met – by Timothy: I Came …

It was a cool summer morning. I arrived at The Hartford’s towering 22-floor headquarters at 1 Hartford Plaza, where I was greeted by new faces in an unfamiliar surrounding. Fresh out of college, I was eager to begin my career in insurance. Little did I know, it was not just the start of a new job, but something more…

… I Saw …

There were 36 of us in total… new hires. But across the luxurious conference room on the 22nd floor, one co-worker caught my eye. The orientation speakers faded away. Her smile was the only thing I could see. She was beautiful. And so began my two year courtship of the girl of my dreams.

…I Conquered.

It took some convincing, more than I care to admit, but I got a date. I put all of my energy into wooing her. It paid off. I won. She’s mine now.Image 2 of Jennifer and Timothy

How We Met – by Jennifer:

I didn’t really notice him until we were about a year into our job. He wouldn’t leave me alone so eventually, and reluctantly, I agreed to go on a date with him. The rest is history….

how they asked – by Jennifer: The Lie.

“Sooo, where’s my birthday gift?”

“Uhh…the card is your gift.”

“No way! Seriously, where’s my gift?”

“Okay fine. I’m taking you away for a surprise weekend getaway.”

Seriously?? Can you believe him? He really didn’t get me a birthday gift!

The Surprise.

2 weeks later, numerous unanswered questions, and a suitcase filled with clothes that Tim packed for me, we were finally on our way…to Newport, RI! The day was filled with historic mansion tours, site seeing, and lunch in the quaint town. Little did I know, more surprises were in store for later that night…

The BIGGER Surprise.

We arrive at the elegant Castle Hill Inn, step into our humble abode for the night, where I assumed we would relax for the next 3 hours until dinner. With much hesitation (and more questioning), Tim convinces me to “get ready for dinner.” I take my sweet time, until I realize Tim is getting anxious and pacing the room while asking, “when will you be ready?”

We step out the door into the misty evening. We stop at the reception desk where Tim asks, “Could you give me directions to the lighthouse?” We follow the directions across the parking lot, through the wood chipped path, into a bunny filled field, and through the clearing to be face-to-face with the lighthouse.

Here I am, all decked out, while a couple with their children are comfortably bundled up in jeans and a sweatshirt to our left – still so confused as to why we are out here. Before I can question anything else, Tim takes my hand while nervously saying, “you know how much I love you.” Before I can process what’s happening, Tim is on bended knee in front of me. In that moment, pure shock ran through me as I excitedly said, “of course!”

An excited group of onlookers storm to us and a photographer introduces himself. We spend the next hour being congratulated, posing like celebrities for our engagement photoshoot, and Tim explaining his “surprise plan.” It all begins to make sense and everything falls into place.

Image 3 of Jennifer and Timothy

how they asked – by Timothy: I was 99% sure she knew it was coming, but then she took forever getting ready. Maybe she doesn’t know? Whatever, let’s just get this over with so we can go eat. “So, you wanna get hitched?”

Image 6 of Jennifer and Timothy Image 4 of Jennifer and TimothyImage 5 of Jennifer and Timothy
Photography: Derek Halkett
Hotel/Proposal site: Castle Hill Inn
Engagement Ring: Blue Nile