Jennifer and Tim

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how we met

It was the summer before my freshman year of high school when I met Tim. He was the friend of my best friend’s brother and it was a normal, ordinary meeting of two people. We went through high school in different relationships but somehow always seeing each other from time to time through mutual friends. He was a year older so when it came time for him to graduate that would be the last I would see of him for about a year or so. Once I graduated the next year and went through a terrible breakup, I was off to Western Michigan University.

When we saw each other again it was spring break during my freshman year of college at a friend’s party. It had been awhile since we’d seen one another and we caught up on where life had taken us and what we were up to. That night was when I no longer looked at him as just an acquaintance but as something more special. I can tell you it wasn’t really love at first sight but we both felt something that kept us coming back and we continued to talk over the next few months until summer came.

When I returned home I had this giddy feeling inside because I knew Tim and I now had more time to spend together. That summer was full of good times and memories I will keep forever and at the end of that summer we decided to become “official”.

Through the next three years we worked to keep our long distance relationship afloat but I never once doubted that we wouldn’t make it. In the summer of 2012 we both returned home from college and have been inseparable ever since. Our relationship grew stronger through all the ups and downs of our jobs, family, and friends and at the end of it all we knew this was something that would last forever.

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how they asked

On November 23, 2014 my best friend asked me the question I had been waiting to hear for quite some time but in the end I wouldn’t have had it happen any other way or at any other time. Tim knew he had to be careful with the planning of this perfect moment as I am a nosey woman and always like to be in control. After he thought out his plan, he enlisted the help of my best friend, Lauryn, who wouldn’t you know it is a photographer. He needed her to get me to do a fun outdoor shoot for her portfolio like we had done in years past, so I really thought nothing of it when she asked for the favor.

We arrived at our local forest preserve and little did I know she had arrived earlier to pick out the perfect spot. Walking to the area, I needed to stay ahead of Tim the entire time as his back pocket was a little larger than usual. She set us up and took some snaps of a couple different poses and then asked Tim to whisper something into my ear to make me laugh.

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He whispered “I Love You” and then took my hands in his. I can only imagine that my eyes looked like they were coming out of my head as he began his beautiful speech.

“Jenn, These past five years have been the best years of my life. The joy you’ve brought into my life, the respect you give me, the unconditional love that I’ve only dreamt about; you have given me everyday without missing a beat. After five years I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I see you. I know I’m hesitant about the future sometimes however any challenges life throws at us there is only one person I can picture by my side.”

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And then he dropped to one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. It was surreal, I really felt like I was in a dream. A dream I had been dreaming for so long except this time I no longer had to wake up because I was living it.
My fairy tale, my dream, had finally come true.

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Special Thanks

Photography by Lauryn