Jennifer and Taylor's TCU Proposal

go frogs

How We Met

We met at Texas Christian University (go frogs!). We were in the same honors class, but at different time periods. Both class periods took a joint field trip to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Taylor conveniently sat right behind on the bus and was there to take my picture at the memorial when no one else was around. I didn’t realize that wasn’t just coincidence until we started dating almost a year later. I was in another relationship at the time of that field trip (how unfortunate or I could have gotten to know the man of my dreams sooner!). Taylor was interested from that day forward, but he had no idea he had just met his future wife.

He messaged me on Facebook (super romantic, I know) over a year later around finals time of my junior year. I normally wouldn’t respond to a random Facebook message, but for some reason I decided to this time (probably mostly to procrastinate from studying for finals). We joked and talked for a couple days until he asked for my number. I liked the guy and wanted to get to know him more, but played hard to get and gave him every digit of my phone number except the last. He actually tried every number and reached a couple strangers before finally dialing “5” and hitting the jackpot.

The first date was amazing and two weeks after that he officially asked me to be his girlfriend! As God would have it, two years later he would ask me something else of importance….

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how they asked

December 20th, 2015 began like any ordinary date night. Taylor told me we were going on dinner date, to get dressed up, and that the location was a surprise (he usually does this on our fancy dates). He picked me up early, so we had some time to kill before our reservation. He suggested we go to the TCU commons to take pics by the Christmas tree and I obliged, thinking it would make for a cute photo op since we were both dressed up. Little did I know that some of the most precious photos of my life would come from that night.


We walk to the middle of the commons (not even by the Christmas tree yet) and he suddenly leads me off the path onto the grass. He was looking around– as if finding the perfect place to stand– and I had no idea why. Later I would learn he was trying to spot his brother who was hiding by some bushes ready to photograph the moment. I probably should have been suspicious by this point, but somehow I was completely blind to what was going on… He stops, turns around and takes hold of both my hands and says “today is a very special day.” At that moment it hit me that this was not just any ordinary date!

commons sunset

Apparently my face showed it because he later said he had never seen such an expression of total awe from me before. I was so excited and surprised it was happening! I try my best to contain myself as Taylor nervously says a bunch of sweet, thoughtful things about our relationship and our future (that we both don’t remember because butterflies) and then gets down on one knee.

the moment


He pulls out the most spectacular ring I have ever seen and asks me those four precious words – “will you marry me?” Crying and shaking with excitement and nerves by this point, I manage to get out a “yes, of course!”


kiss laugh

After that incredible moment, his brother came over to us to take more pictures and congratulate us. Then Taylor said he had one more surprise. We walked (more like leaped with joy) over to the Christmas tree where he had hung a bunch of purple ornaments (my favorite color) that said things like “engaged” and “12-20-15” on them. I was so impressed that he thought up this amazingly detailed and special proposal! And I was so glad he did it at TCU — the school that brought us together.


me and ornament

We took some more pictures and then finally left the commons to go to dinner… or so I thought. He said we were going to meet his parents at their house and then going to dinner together. But when we got to the house I walked through the front door and was surprised again!


He had planned an incredible surprise engagement party! Everyone who was near and dear to us was there. He had my family from Chicago and our friends from out of state as far as California and South Carolina! I had never felt so loved in my life and was absolutely filled with joy and gratitude.



From the proposal spot, to the ring, to our friends and family, to all the thought and planning that went into it, the entire night felt like a dream. This man thought of it all and it was the most wonderful day of my life!!!