Jennifer and Sterling

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How We Met

I had just barely moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area when I first saw Sterling at Church. I was brand new and didn’t know a lot of people so I was too shy to say “Hello”. Before I even knew his name, I had a profound feeling that I had to know him. Weeks went by, he would pop up in my mind and I would think about him (again not having a clue what his name was). Of course, social media saved the day when I see his cute face pop up on the “Friends You May Know”. I didn’t want to be that crazy girl that friend requests a guy before even speaking a word to him, but after much convincing that I would regret it if I didn’t do it….I submitted the friend request. A few days later, he posts this video proclaiming his testimony for Jesus Christ. I found it so attractive and saw an opportunity to comment to him how admirable I thought it was and to make myself known. The next week, at Church, we see each other in Sunday School and I could feel my heart in my throat because I was so excited and nervous. We both try to play it cool and not go directly towards each other (but both secretly cannot wait) and finally he makes eye contact with me. The first words he said to me were “YOU!” and then that was it. He asked me out within that 5 minute conversation and our forever journey together started.

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how they asked

Sterling had been telling me for weeks that we had to get ready to go to this huge party that his friend was throwing in Dallas. He had me pick out my dress and blindfold, try it on, and practice being carried in it because there was a gift that all the women would get at the party that needed to be a huge surprise! Looking back, I see how there are a lot of signs pointing to the obvious proposal. The night of the “party”, he picks me up and says we are going to the photo-shoot for the gift in Downtown Fort Worth and then a limo would take us to the party at the Reunion tower in Dallas (so fancy!) I am super excited, but he keeps saying he is so nervous because he wants his friend to like me. We get to our location, he says he wants me to stay in the car for a few minutes because unbeknownst to me there are over one hundred people in the Fort Worth Water Gardens Fountain that he needs to kick out.

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He takes blindfolded me to the top of the steps and says “Remember this is how we practiced?! Do you trust me?” Of course, I say yes and he carries me down the fountain. It doesn’t occur to me that this could be only for me until he tells me to take the blindfold off. I see all the people staring down at us and I turn to Sterling. He is beaming and tells me that there is no party.

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As he gets down on one knee, rose petals fall from above us and all I can think is, “It was always him. He is the man I have been waiting for.”

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I will never forget our perfect proposal and my most perfect fiancé for making me feel like the most prized person.

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