Jennifer and Sancho

How We Met: Our love story began in 2013, Spoon and I both work out at the same 24 fitness gym in Milpitas, CA. I always noticed Spoon from afar at the gym because he was “loud” ,”obnoxious” and appeared “cocky.” I remember one day I came up to Spoon’s friend, I asked her for her opinion about her powerlifting belt. She replied “you should ask him (Spoon), he got the belt for me.”

I recalled not giving any eye contact or acknowledgement to Spoon when he gave me his opinion. Spoon’s first impression of me was she was a “typical” Vietnamese party girl. Fast forward a couple of months later in December of 2013, Spoon and I was officially introduced to each other through mutual friends. We had dinner at cheesecake factory and we chatted up with some pink berry yogurt about fitness, dieting, about my dream job of becoming an OT. You cannot judge the books by its cover. Spoon was the nicest, kind-hearted, inspirational, motivating, humble, self-less, and loving man!

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Spoon and I started hanging out again May 2013 as we prepare for a bodybuilding show together. Our first real hang-out was hiking Mission Peak a couple days before our show.

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After our bodybuilding show, we became each other’s “food friend”; food adventures consisted of yogurtland, ice-cream, all-you-can-eat sushi, crawfish, and pearl drinks! After hanging out everyday, feelings for each other started to spark and the rest is history!

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how they asked: Well Spoon’s plan of proposing to me on stage (5/2/2015) as we compete in the mixed pair category of a bodybuilding show was a fail. Why? Because little miss detective had a feeling that was his plan (it would have been CLUTCH/PERFECT since we started dated after competing at a bodybuilding show together).

Two days after my 25th birthday, I went on a vacation with my mother to Vietnam. Oh I thought I was going to have a blast…I mean motherland, good food, explore, going on adventures! HOWEVER, after one day in Vietnam, I wanted to go home. My daily routine consisted of gym, finding wi-fi to FaceTime with Spoon, eat, sleep, repeat.

I was having a MISERABLE time in Vietnam. I was homesick: missing the babe and my family. I wanted to book a flight back home early….but little did I know, Spoon and Patrick (his best friend) were scheming with my family to surprise me in Vietnam. He told me he was heading to “Big Sur” to celebrate Patrick’s BDAY (he even made a false post on IG).

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But the real “BIG SUR”-PRISE is he FLEW to Vietnam to SURPRISE me and POP THE QUESTION! Of course I said “YES”! The feelings were so surreal…I still cannot believe it!

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Dear future husband, I love you so much! And I am ready to grow old and grey with you! #spooniepho