Jennifer and Ryan

Image 8 of Jennifer and RyanHow We Met: Ryan and I met at what had been both of our first “real” jobs. Still to this day it amazes me that I found the love of my life working at Subway. I don’t remember thinking much of this tall, funny, and sarcastic kid, but I knew I would find out.

Ryan loved to talk, so me being a very introverted person, having no problem staying quite really killed him. Sometimes I would even give him the silent treatment just to annoy him a little.

Ryan and I began texting constantly about anything and everything. I started college and he was a huge support for me. I looked forward to talking to him every single minute of the day.

Through the months of working side by side in a busy and stressful environment, we became really close, but nothing either of us would have admitted then.

Our love for each other bloomed pretty slowly until we both realized the feelings we had for each other. Ever since then we have been inseparable. There was actually a time there that we didn’t go without seeing each other for some 200 days.

It sounds crazy, I know, but we just never get sick of each other and everything works!

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how they asked: It has been almost 4 years later since we met and 2 years of dating and talking about spending forever together that he decided he could not wait any longer. A few days before Ryan proposed he asked me if we could have a date night because it had been a while since our last one. I agreed and went though the week waiting for that night.
I kept asking him where we were going, what we were doing and when, but he never told me anything and kept the entire day a secret. He planned a day of breakfast at our first “unofficial first date”, shopping at our actual first date and dinner and drinks at a new bar we both had been hoping to go to. The whole day had been so perfect I remember thinking to myself, “if he doesn’t propose today I’m actually going to be pretty upset.”

Little did I know, there was one more stop to be had before we headed home. On the drive down, I told Ryan that today would be a perfect day for a walk considering the weather weeks before had been all snow and little sunshine. He just gave me a smirk and away we went. Getting closer to home, I started to think that that was it and the day was done until he pulled into the parking lot to a walking trail.

It was then that I pretty much knew what was going to happen, but I didn’t want to ask questions or ruin the moment. I followed along, put on my snow boots and we held hands and began our walk. The day was so beautiful. The sun was shining and everyone who had been walking on the trail was on their way out. It was just Ryan and I talking and walking like any other day until I saw it. A small wooden sign with the hand painted letters “he met her” and another sign with the date.

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I immediately looked at him and asked what was going on, somehow in my head subtly knowing, but at the same time having no idea. We kept walking and he began to talk about how great our lives had been from the moment we first met to where we were then. I saw the second sign labeled “the movie was great” with an accompanying date and the third labeled “they started dating”.

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Walking on, I saw the fourth sign labeled “and they fell in love” and the tears in my eyes could no longer hold. I started crying tears of joy, gripping his hand tighter as we walked trying to prepare myself for what I knew was coming next.

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I don’t even remember much of what he said to me, but when I saw the last three signs labeled “he popped the question” “will you marry me” and “she said yes” I just lost it.

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He turned me around and up on a snowy mountain was his dad talking pictures and his mom anxiously waiting for him to get down on one knee. I looked back at Ryan and he was taking a small wooden box out of his coat pocket and then he asked me to be his wife.

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I’m pretty sure I said “yes of course!” but everything went so quickly and I was so filled with emotions that I don’t remember much of what I did. One thing I do remember doing was laughing and saying “I hate you, but I love you” for everything that he sneakily planned for me that day.

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I can’t imagine a day more perfectly planned or being with anymore more amazing than Ryan. I’m so happy every day that I will be spending forever with my best friend.

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