Jennifer and Rui

Today’s proposal story is told by Jennifer and Rui’s thoughtful photographer, Mary of Lemon Fresh Designs Photography! I received an e-mail that the couple is getting married this month and Mary couldn’t say enough sweet things about the two of them! It’s my pleasure to feature their story. They’re getting married May 19th – so leave them some congratulatory love in the comment section for their upcoming big day!!

Jennifer and Rui met in Toronto in 2008. On their first date, Rui took Jennifer to the future home of his condominium, with a 2011 completion date. He turned to her and said, “Here’s where our new condo will be located”. “Ah, I mean my new condo”.

A slip of the tongue? Fast forward to June 2011. While planning a trip to Portugal, Rui asked Jennifer’s mom, an avid oil painter to create a painting of Palacio de Pena, an 18th century summer home for King Ferdinand. The painting hung in their bedroom and admired by Jennifer each day. She would often ask Rui to visit the palace during their trip and he would answer with “We’ll see if we can make time.”

While in Portugal, they met up with Jennifer’s best friend and her husband who joined them for a portion of their vacation. On the second day, Rui suggested that they should make a trip to the palace. Early that morning, the car of friends drove through the winding roads of the picturesque Town of Sintra to reach the palace. It took several minutes to reach the first entrance; they still had more climbing by foot to actually reach the Palace doorsteps. Suddenly, Rui said he had forgotten something and would quickly return.

Once Rui returned, Jennifer didn’t think much of Rui’s backpack. As they continued into the Palace, Rui reached for Jennifer’s hand and guided her to a courtyard lookout with stunning panoramic views of Sintra and Lisbon. Moments later, he pulled out a gorgeous diamond ring. Rui then got down on one knee, held out the ring and asked Jennifer to marry him. Jennifer immediately said “Yes!”, while a bottle of champagne popped perfectly by her friends! After celebrations of their new engagement, Jennifer accidentally slipped on a staircase and was transported to a local hospital by ambulance! Luckily she was fine, but talk about falling head over heels!

Enjoy your beautiful day May 19th, Jennifer and Rui – sending all our love!

Photographer:  Lemon Fresh Designs Photography

Floral Designer:  Sweet Woodruff