Jennifer and Ross

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How We Met

My fiance (Ross) and I met on Tinder in February of 2015. Turns out, we had known of each other and also knew many of the same people. We are both from Long Island, New York and grew up within a 10 minute drive of each other. Such a small world!! Let’s just say, we started dating and this past weekend we got engaged!! The love and happiness we feel now (because we both swiped right) is indescribable and we cannot wait to get married! WE LOVE TINDER!

how they asked

Let me start off by saying that rainbow sprinkles are my favorite thing in the entire world. I am obsessed with them, in a way that is completely absurd and insane (but I can’t help it). Okay so…..Saturday afternoon I got an email from 16 handles that said to our valued customer we are having a promotion and you and a friend can get buy one get one free ice cream at 3:00 on sunday. I didn’t think anything of it and had a bachelorette dinner on saturday night. I slept at my friend’s apartment on Saturday night for the bachelorette party, and went home sunday afternoon. I am currently in school for another Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision and I am so stressed out with the end of the semester (at Hunter) because I have 2 huge papers to write. So I told Ross that I was going to do work for the whole day and go to the gym at 2 for a gym class that I love. He tried to tell me not to go to the gym and just do work and then we can get 16 handles at 3 for a break since he knew I got the email the day before. I couldn’t have been more difficult to deal with that day and I said absolutely not I’m going to the gym. What I didn’t know is that he someone call all of the gym locations that I go to and asked them that if he pays them will they send me an email to say the class I signed up for is cancelled. They wouldn’t do it (as he told me). Whatever, so at like 2:50 he says ok let’s go get froyo. I say fine even though I’m in the worst mood ever. I put on sweats and say I’m going to take out my contacts then we can go. He said just leave your contacts in and I said uh no, I’m going for froyo therefore I am definitely taking them out. Whatever, so we go. We walk into 16 handles (on 63rd and 2nd ave on the Upper East Side of NYC, right near our apartment) and the woman asks if we are there for the promotion. We say yes, then they say okay everyone that comes for the promotion is being asked to put their hands in a jar of rainbow sprinkles and pull our a prize. I was so excited since rainbow sprinkles are my favorite thing in the world (besides my fiance) and I thought that I was going to pull out a giftcard and/or coupons for froyo. I said okay and there was a videographer and person taking pictures wearing 16 handles t-shirts. They asked me if they could film this for their social media page and I said of course, absolutely. Then, I put my hand in the jar and pulled out a ring box. Threw it back in and started freaking out. I couldn’t believe it. Then Ross got down on one knee, I totally and completely blacked out because I was so surprised.

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I obviously said yes and was SO excited but totally and completely SHOCKED. Then, within minutes of that- everybody in our families start to pile in to 16 handles. Ross rented out the place to celebrate and had champagne etc. My grandparents flew in from florida with 24 hour notice. I FREAKED OUT when I saw them all I couldn’t handle it. Also, the stone in the ring is Ross’ grandmother’s stone that resembles the happiest and most loving marriage. Having 4 grandsons and 2 daughter-in-laws I am so flattered and obsessed with the fact that his grandma wanted me to have it. It was just the best day ever, I am completely overwhelmed with love and happiness and totally speechless for the first time in my life.

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