Jennifer and Roger

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How We Met

10 years ago, my sister was deployed with the military, I was flying to San Diego to visit my brother-in-law and nephews. I was flying Southwest Airlines. Typically the boarding process is based on a number. I was A28. A very handsome man who I noticed earlier ended up being just behind me in line- he was A29. The first thing I noticed about him was his military haircut, so I said “You’re a Marine, aren’t you.” He said, “Wow- how did you know??” And I said, “your haircut gave you away!”

Roger explained that he was born and raised in San Antonio, but currently stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. He was in town for a family wedding and headed back to California.

We stood in line together for a bit of talking. We didn’t sit together initially but then at the last second, he waved to me, motioning me to come to sit with him (Thank God for open seating!!!)

We talked for the entire 3-hour flight from San Antonio to San Diego- that was literally all it took. I was in Nursing School in Texas and he was stationed in California- we were long distance for 3 years before he left the military and moved back to Texas.

I have been a nurse now for 7 years. We have 2 children ages 5&7 and we own a home together in San Antonio!

How They Asked

It was Christmas Eve- Roger had suggested a week prior that we go see the Christmas lights at the Riverwalk downtown! He arranged for our 2 young boys to stay home with family- we apparently weren’t going to be gone too late! We got to the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio… and we started walking! We walked one direction and then he said…. wait… let’s go back this way!

He grabbed my hand and said… ” do you know that this place is called Marriage Island?” I said, ” oh! Wow! Is it?”

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He turned to me and handed me a tiny toy Southwest Airplane. He said, “Do you remember when we met?” ( I started sobbing at this point)

He continued, “We have been through a lot the last ten years…” He continued to tell me how much he loves me… and then got on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” I was sobbing uncontrollably and couldn’t even speak. I didn’t know at the time but people walking by were cheering and yelling for me to “Say yes!!!!” I was finally able to get the words out and I was in so much shock we both had to go sit down!!! I did not see it coming at all, I was completely surprised.

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