Jennifer and Rick

Image 1 of Jennifer and RickHow We Met: We met in High School, typical. He was popular and I was NOT! We met both on our first day in a new school in Key West, Fl. He from Philly and I from Chicago. I was definitely crushing. A few years later….I decided to wish him a Happy Easter, with us both being single we decided to start our forever love story!

how they asked: It all began when I was invited to a friend’s wedding in Key West, Fl. So excited to see her get married I ran to my boyfriend and said “She is getting hitched and it’s in Key West!” Naturally he had to work he is a professional golfer. So I decided to ask my best guy friend to be my date and planned to go, the date of her wedding was 10/3/2015. As I traveled to Key West I felt guilty not having my boyfriend with me but knew he had to work. The wedding was great the following day my best friend Aaron and I went out around town and met up with friends. As I tried to decide to go on a snorkel trip or not my boyfriends calls me insists that I go and enjoy myself. Of course me! I say no long drive ahead me (8 hours) So I say lets go to the Butterfly conservatory instead! As we walk through the beautiful gardens and see flamingos and quails I see Aaron on his phone! I say enjoy it look around. Almost to the end of walk I look down and see a baby quail walking and flipped out (LOL) I then feel a tap on my shoulder and here “excuse me miss”, and look and its the love of my life! He then proceeds to say on one knee…

“May I ask you a question, Will you marry me?!” I was in awe, shaking, crying! He shocked me! He then proceeded to tell me that we had the whole weekend till Monday to celebrate! The best part is my best friend had filmed the whole thing!