Jennifer and Peter

how we met

Would you believe me if I told you Peter came in for an interview at Jennifer’s company? Because this is real life and not a scene from a movie. He actually did! Jennifer handled a lot of interviewees at her job, and she knew Peter would be the perfect hire for the job and the perfect guy for her. His deep voice put her head over heels when they first met. And yes, he did get the job!

how they asked

If you think their story above was a movie scene, buckle in kiddos, because their proposal story is cinematic glory! They were traveling to Banff National Park for Jennifer’s birthday and woke up at 3:30am to drive to Moraine Lake. Needless to say she was exhausted – but for some reason Peter jumped out of bed ready to go for the day. They hiked there to watch the sunrise and then went down to the shoreline to take some pictures. They were walking back towards a trail and a stranger goes “Hey are you Jennifer?” so she said yes thinking she was totally about to get murdered. The stranger says, “I think there’s something over there in those rocks for you.” So Jennifer walked over to where she pointed and there was a bouquet of flowers and an envelope with her name name on it there. Inside the envelope was a sweet note that detailed 100 reasons why Peter wants to marry me. She laughed and cried and laughed and cried. Jennifer looked up at him and Peter says, “ok I need you to stand up now,” and Jennifer was shaking but managed to balance on those rocks! He got down on one knee, pulled out this gorgeous ring and said, “Jennifer – will you marry me?” She replied, “yes – of course!” It was so perfect and so sweet. Then, as they were walking away she looked at him and asked, “okay so how did you arrange all of this stuff?” and sure enough – he had flown his sister and her boyfriend to Canada as well so they could help arrange everything and take pictures/video!

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