Jennifer and Nicholas

How We Met: Nick and I met a year ago, right at the perfect time you could say. We both went to college at Merrimack College and had mutual friends. But, we never really crossed the same path at the right time. So, years passed and we both went our separate ways. Both of us sick of the old dating game, turned to a dating site. That is where we “reconnected” you could say. We started talking and instantly had a connection. We just seemed to both be on the same page, in the same situation, and looking for the same things.

We talked non stop for a week, Nick was working night shift and I was teaching so there was no time to meet up just yet. We finally got to meet for dinner that Thursday. We met at Cheesecake Factory and with all the jitters I couldn’t stop talking. Obviously. The next night was the Holiday party at Nicks company that he works for. We went, drank, laughed, and were merry the whole time. That night neither of us wanted the night to end. So, we went to the local lake in my town and watch the moon and stars. (from the car it was too cold out!) And from that moment on we haven’t really been able to leave each others side.

Image 1 of Jennifer and Nicholas

Since then we have done just about everything you could possibly imagine. We have go on vacation to places like Niagra Falls, skiing in New Hampshire, and even Mexico. We have done adventurous things like go zip lining for 1.5 miles at 3,000 ft in the air, hiked trails, and gone skiing. We have spent countless hours at the beach enjoying the sun (both of us love the beach) and even gone to all the sporting events you can possibly think about in Boston.

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The rest is history!

Image 3 of Jennifer and Nicholas

how they asked: Nick and I would like to think that we are the “adventurous” type. From time to time we like to be outdoorsy and go for hikes or spend the day outside doing different things. So, we thought with the summer coming to an end lets go for a hike. We decided that Saturday that the next day, Sunday, we would go hike Mount Monadnock. Mount Monadnock is in Jaffrey, NH. It is a state reservation and it is open to the public. The mountain itself is made up of multiple trails and it takes a total of four hours to “hike” the mountain. Going into this hike Nick and I did some research about the mountain and it said it was a moderate hike.

We were thinking that it couldn’t be that bad. Well, we were wrong. Completely wrong. It was rock climbing, minus the harness, and outside. We hadn’t even got half way and I already wanted to give up, thats how difficult it was climbing up the rocks. It was so tiring and pushed me to a limit I didn’t even know I could be pushed. We finally got to the summit and it was the most beautiful and rewarding view you ever wanted to see. It was worth all the sweat, pain, and struggle to climb the mountain. We decided to sit down at the top and just take in the view, or basically catch our breath!

In the process of taking in the view I watched my camelback go down the mountain and smash to the ground, totally by accident that is. We sat for about 20 minutes when Nick said it was time to go back down the mountain. We got to the 3/4 summit point where the trail splits into two different trails and decided to take another break and take in that view. This is where the magic happened. We found a cozy spot to stand and take in the view as people walked down the mountain behind us. All of a sudden I turned back to look at nick from taking in the view and he was bending down to one knee.

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I automatically said “Oh no!” and the tears started to flow, more like pour. Struggling to get out “will you marry me” I yelled yes and jumped in Nicks arms. A women walking down the mountain saw the whole thing happen and made sure she announced “SHE SAID YES” to the whole mountain. The going down the mountain hike was definitely a much better, more happy hike! Now Nick and I say that if we can hike that mountain together we can do anything in life together. It just goes to show how we can push one another and lean on one another for support when we need it most and push each other out of our comfort zone. That to me meant the most out of the whole proposal.