Jennifer and Nicholas

How We Met

We met at his cousin’s grocery store, I had been working at the Brooklyn location for 5 years, and transferred over to the Staten Island location my last year, where nick was my manager. We instantly had a connection, in the beginning, I was a little hard to get, he would shape rice into hearts and there was a time a bag of short cut rigatoni broke open, and he put a piece of pasta on my ring finger.. in my head I thought, “I’m going to marry this man”.

How They Asked

His uncle owns horses and carriages, and always asked when we’d allow him to give us a tour of Central Park. It’s always been a dream of mine to experience the horse and buggy ride along Central Park, but every time we planned a date, the weather would work against us.

Finally, after almost 5 years at the time, it had gone as planned! The scenery was so beautiful and I was so excited to finally be living the experience I’ve always dreamed of. I was not expecting the day to end with both of us being engaged. When we reached the Bethesda fountain I thought in my head “ Wow, this would be the most beautiful place to be proposed to”… his uncle kept taking pictures of us and I didn’t think anything of it because I just thought he was excited to finally give us this experience and tour of the beautiful central park but little did I know, he was getting ready to capture our moment.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Oak bridge at Central Park

Nick is very shy and he doesn’t like attention being drawn to him, the Bethesda fountain was too crowded so his uncle got us back on to the carriage and took us to the oak bridge, it was a little isolated and I’m assuming Nick thought it would be the perfect place to pop the question.

Where to Propose in Oak bridge at Central Park

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Oak bridge at Central Park

Proposal Ideas Oak bridge at Central Park

When we approached the bridge, I was mesmerized, I looked at the beautiful view and looked over the bridge to see all the canoes and once I turned around I found Nick on one knee, I was completely shocked, my body filling with so many different emotions, crying and laughing continuously and so surprised that he finally asked me, “will you marry me?”