Jennifer and Nelson

how we met

Nelson and I met at work, a few months after I moved to Tampa. We work at a casino and I thought he was one of my guests when he wrote me the sweetest note to get to know each other better. I have a strict rule on not dating the guests from work, a few days later I saw him in the employee area and all I can remember my heart dropping to my stomach because I swore he was a guest. It took me some time to get the courage to go up to him and explain the situation. He was so understanding and we exchanged numbers at that moment and the rest has been history since.

how they asked

Oh my gosh! I am still mind blown how I didn’t figure this out because I feel like I can always tell when Nelson wants to give me a surprise but not this time. We both have been working a lot and I was sick for an entire week so we haven’t spent much time together which is very weird to us. Nelson had bought us floor seats to see one of my favorite Spanish rappers, Anuel AA. The morning of the concert, he wanted to take me to get my nails done and he joined me for a pedicure. After the pedicure, I had to wait to get my gel manicure so while waiting Nelson tells me he is going to run over to the store and get us some coffee. Once I was done, he paid and picked me up to go drop our fur baby Chester off to his doggy center for the night. This is where I should’ve realized he was up to something, once we got back home he was pushing me to get ready and to hurry up so we can go to this “new place” he found online and wanted to show me. Nelson never rushes me or is ever in a hurry! Once I was ready, we started heading out and once we got closer to the destination, he played this song that he had dedicated to me and this song makes me cry every time I listen to it. That day, I didn’t cry because I was so happy. Happy to be with Nelson and spend time with him and also because we’re hours away from seeing one of my favorite rappers.

When we get there, it looked like it was going to storm. Nelson told me it wasn’t going to rain even though it was clear as day, it was going to. He brought an umbrella and took me by the Riverwalk in Tampa and we started walking and talking through the park. Out of nowhere this squirrel made it seem like he was going to get close to me, Nelson knows I have the biggest heart for animals so he told me to try and get the squirrel to come closer to me. I thought he was taking pictures of me but he was secretly texting Christina, a photographer he found and hired for the upcoming special moment. Once we started walking again, we got closer to the bay and wanted me to stand on this wooden dock that started moving. I got off of there so quickly because I wasn’t going to mess up my hair and make up for this concert lol. Nelson realized there was no way I was going to stand there so we walk away from it, he pulls me closer to him in the grass. Nelson always says the sweetest things to me and randomly tells me how much he loves me and wants to marry me. So when he started talking like that to me, I didn’t think twice. Out of nowhere I see him about to cry but he’s smiling at the same time, before my ears started to ring all I heard was, “I talked to Papi about us and he knows you’re my world, that’s why he gave me permission to marry you!” From there, I can’t recall what was said because he was going down on one knee and pulled out this box and asked me to marry him. A minute later, a woman comes up to me and congratulated me on the proposal. It was Christina, she told me she was my photographer and Nelson hired her. I was completely stunned and overwhelmed with so much happiness, I couldn’t believe what was happening and how he took the time to plan this. It was the best surprise ever, Nelson did amazing!

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