Jennifer and Mitchell

Image 1 of Jennifer and Mitchell

How We Met

We met the old-fashioned way – at a bar! I had just moved to San Francisco, and on one of the first nights out on the town at the first bar we visited, Mitch had the bartender take care of our drinks. What started out as a cold and rainy night turned out to be the most memorable night of my life! And the rest was history!

How They Asked

The day Mitch got down on this knees and pulled out that delicate black velvet box, I nearly fainted. Literally. We had been trekking the Himalayan mountains of Nepal for the last 8 days, having covered 65km in temperatures ranging from 15C to -20C. Each elevation gain meant reduced oxygen levels, so by the time we reached Everest Base Camp at 5500m, delirium was setting in. But when it happened, my heart (which was already working overtime) exploded with love. To me, the pilgrimage up this epic mountain had become a reflection of our own journey and how far we’ve come together. It wasn’t always easy, and we didn’t always agree on the same path, but it was beautiful and magnificent and made us stronger. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect and epic proposal, with Mt. Everest as our backdrop, to start our next milestone together.