Jennifer and Michael

In 2014 in Stephenville, TX I was at work and told my co-worker “If God wants me to meet a guy he’s going to have to walk into my office or knock on my apartment door.” Later that year, on March 15, Michael Jones knocked on my door at 6:40 in the morning! I was living in a county apartment and after work everyone would be outside roping the steer dummy so I was determined to teach myself how to rope. One day while I was practicing my roping a guy came over and asked if he could show me a few things. I did what he said, caught it twice and he said “Great!” then walked off. Later neighbors told me “That’s THE Michael Jones the NFR Team Roper!” I had no idea who or what that was but it seemed to be a big deal. That week we visited everyday after work which all led up to the knock on my door.

The next 2 years we moved twice and traveled a lot but for our 2 year anniversary he insisted we go back to Stephenville. Michael wanted to make a trip out to Hico, the town over where his family ranch is so we head out there and had lunch at his sister’s restaurant, Eis. We visited with his sister and mom then head to the ranch to see his dad. I quickly realized that this was the same as our first date! Lunch at Eis, met the family and went to the ranch. Later that day I thought we were having dinner in Fort Worth but as we drove past our old apartment where we had first met he said “Let’s stop in there for a second.”

By now all of our friends have moved away but I started seeing people we knew (later I found out that he called all of them to come make this day even more special and some drove 5 hrs to be there). He said “We’ve recreated our first date now lets go rope the dummy to recreate the first day we met!” With all of our friends around I roped and caught the dummy, turned around to see Michael on one knee with a beautiful diamond. After the immediate “YES!” with hugs, tears and kisses to follow I said “I’m just glad I caught the dummy!” Which has been interpreted either way.. Later Michael told me he proposed with a single diamond because he couldn’t find a ring as beautiful and as creative as I am so he wanted me to draw my perfect ring and have my sister, who is a jeweler, create it for me. It was such a special touch to our engagement knowing that this ring is one of a kind just like our love for one another.

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